The RWA Category

Hey everyone,

In this topic I want to aim discussion about the RWA category and your thoughts about it. Personally, I don’t like it. I try to avoid RWA topics for the following reasons:

  • This is a forum for Infinite Flight, after all, not an aviation forum. If you want to discuss aviation, there are a handful of other forums for you.

  • It sparks arguments. There have been a ton of guessing games recently, and conflicts do and will arise about which aircraft is which etc. Not mentioning the Boeing vs Airbus havoc.

  • It uses up unnecessary storage space. I’m not sure how much storage this forum has, but I know for sure that it’s not unlimited. And adding to that, it’s definitely not free. As I stated earlier, this is an Infinite Flight forum, not an aviation one. When they need to buy more storage, they lose valuable money that could have been used for developing new aircraft or scenery.

In conclusion, I see the RWA category as something not entailed to this forum. I understand there is demand for a real world aviation category, but not all demand is fulfilled. I believe this case is one of them.

If you disagree with any of my points, please tell me. I want to be apart of a change on this forum.

Honestly I hardly look at it as well, but I don’t see anything wrong with talking about real world aviation here.


Real world aviation is something that isn’t really related to Infinite Flight in my eyes. Yes, Infinite Flight is based on aviation, but there are several forums dedicated to aviation as I mentioned. We should keep this forum dedicated to Infinite Flight.

I agree somewhat for me I don’t want to talk about real world constantly and join another fourm simply for that reason alone. I like it here and the people’s input that is here and respect a lot of people in the community. I do see where you are coming from though.

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The thing is that people are starting to use this forum more as an aviation forum than an Infinite Flight forum. I don’t think that was ever intended when FDS first decided to create this forum. I respect a lot of community members here as well, but the whole RWA thing has gone a bit too far.

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Agreed that it has and feature request man those get annoying. But I ask my self all the time what’s left to talk about that is IF related. It seems like evey topic has been covered and recovered multiple times. Until a new update rolls out. Idk it’s a odd situation the fourm is in now days. At leased that’s my opinion.

There’s always more to talk about. Your imagination is the limit. :)

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Also not a fan of the category, I usually read them, but don’t enjoy doing it since this is an Infinite Flight forum as you guys have said:)

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Don’t tell @Boeing707

Why tag me then?

I’ve already laid out my explanation in Dush’s post. Up to you t find it if you care to hear my opinion

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Sorry. 😬

There can be some interesting stuff in here.

Remember, if we got rid of it, people would just put it in general.

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Than it would be the moderators job to delete it. Just because people post memes in the general category doesn’t mean we need a memes category.

The mods are busy enough. We shouldn’t pile on more work for them if possible.

Anyway, the support category is worse…

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If the mods are too busy, then we need more mods. We need to keep stuff in order, if we don’t it will all turn south.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

If people don’t like RWA posts, don’t read them. They can be very interesting, and I read far more junk in other categories.


What I’m saying is that there is no use for RWA posts at all. I don’t mind if you read them or not, but I feel there is no need for them here. As I said:

We can all have an opinion. I rest my case.

If that is true then IF should only have a playground mode

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Even though I don’t like the category doesn’t mean it should be taken down, many people like it