The Runway Disappearing.....

Hey Guys. You are doing a great job with Infinite Flight. However, today I was on final and about 3 miles out, the runway just…turned into dirt. It even bounced like dirt when I landed. Here are two pictures to prove it.

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Restarting the app and clearing the scenery cache (Open IF → Settings → General → Scroll down to the bottom and click “Clear Scenery Cache”. Make sure you select “yes”.) should solve the issue.

If it doesn’t, could you please tell us what airport this is so we can try reproducing it?


It could have to do with your graphic settings.

I had that problem, try to clear the scenery cache

Okay I will try that.

@Noah.Richey… I have the graphic settings as high as they can go. I am normally able to see the runway at least 30 miles out.

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Same things happening for me! My issues are at KSFO runway 10L and 10R

@Starley What you suggested worked. Thanks for the help mate. It was obviously just a minor (at the time major) glitch.

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Gotcha, nevermind then

Thanks anyway mate.

No problem!