The Rise of Problems Within the IFC and How to Fix Them

So, let’s start with “Thank You” topics.

Problem: While they’re not unappreciated and while (in-theory) they show that we do appreciate staff, AET, ATC, etc., they’ve recently become the virtual version of the Star Wars sequels (cash-grab), a like-grab. A way to receive a truck-load of likes and receive badges for liked topics with minimal effort. These topics subvert my expectations of what might be a genuine “Thank You” topic and it’s disappointing how little to no attention has been brought to this.

Moving on to groupchat-style PMs.

Problem: These groupchat PMs are a breeding ground for problems among users and moderators, along with having the chance of creating lasting controversy. These problems are constantly recurring and end up with another PM series closed, such as one of my abominations, the Super-Duper Secret Place, a nine-part series that fell apart at the end.

And these are just two of the many examples of what's wrong with the IFC, the list goes on but I'd rather not bore you.

Note: This whole time we’ve been balming moderators for most of all of this, saying they’re not doing enough or doing too much although no matter what they’re doing these problems manage to keep persisting. Odd, isn’t it?

So, what’s my point? And how does that last bit tie into all of this?

Quit blaming moderators for what’s wrong here and learn to hold yourselves accountable. Then, find a solution to these problems.

It’s likely that we’re to blame because we’re not doing enough for the IFC and because we’re the ones who generate these problems for the mods to fix. Makes sense, right?

Take what you want from this, I’m just making this to voice my opinion and perspective of this issue.

So, that’s that. Thanks for reading.


Wouldn’t this very topic be a like-grab as well. I’ve seen numerous such topics. I don’t know, it’s quite self-contradictory in my opinion


You have to have the right mix of people for these to work. Stay away from the drama. I’m in a group chat with users and we’ve been perfectly okay for six months.


I couldn’t care less about likes, it’s a little heart icon that will mean absolutely nothing for my future whatsoever.

This one actually took a bit of effort considering how smooth-brained I am, which contradicts the “minimal effort” part. Besides, I’d call this one different from the others because I think it has a solution and it’s coming from a reasonably different perspective.

I can also confirm that. If there has been any group pms that were toxic, I just remove myself. No big deal.

For the most part those are ok in my opinion because the user is in full control whether or not they are a part of it


Have to agree with @Drummer on this one

I mean I guess, but how are you gonna ensure these solutions get implemented.

This topic sounds like something that was meant to initiate some debate. This’ll probably get closed very soon imo.

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100% agree with you, that’s the point of why they are PM that you can leave. There is no obligation to stay.

My bigger problem with PMs is that they take up space on the servers with mostly producing nothing of value to the community. Sure, we pay for them with our subscriptions, but I’d take a pretty bold guess that they are are about a half of IFC activity, money that can be spent on making something inside the sim, but there’s nothing IF can do about this. As for drama - just don’t be around drama-loving people or people who can’t take a joke and you’ll be fine.

As for thank you topics - well it depends, but I think we both understand from where you got the idea for that point.




This is a community that encourages discussion. Some of the “thank you” and “im leaving” topics we leave open for a short time and then close. Each one is different and some get closed sooner.

PMs. You can leave any PM that you do not want to be in. Some groups use large PMs and are perfectly fine. You can utilize the flag feature or leave the PM at any time.

While these are two specific things I do not think it warrants its own topic as a huge problem.


I find PMs entertaining and I have made many new friends with them. But you are correct. They tend to have lots of drama after a while. A group of 4-5 is a great number for a group PM. Having 25 members in one is bound for something bad.


I’m asking all of you to do something so I can guarantee nothing.


I am sorry, but any thank you is a genuine thank you. IFATC, Mods, Users, Community members all get hated on. Doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum or where you come from, there will are tons of people who make horrible topics about their organizations and persons. I mean, your topic mentions nothing about the hundreds of topics we get a week saying “WHO GHOSTED ME :ANGRY-FACE:”. The Thank You topics are meant to highlight exceptional work to groups or individuals. I think they are important, especially when we have had a year with more negative than positive in it. Sometimes seeing a little “Thank You” really makes someones day. You have no idea what the impact of these Thank You’s have on the users.

I have been in a great group chat the last few months with 29 users that share their lives, aviation knowledge, and help each other out. If there is a problem, that is on you, the user, to get yourself out of. There is a very handy “leave group” button on the top bar where all the user’s names are. If you feel like the chat is getting misused, just leave!


I only picked these two to put on display. There are quite a bit more I have in the back so I thought I’d leave it at that.

Just adding on to what has been stated multiple times above, these are not a problem, as if an issue arises, moderators can via flags or via invite step in to make sure everyone’s rights as a human being are respected. They are what keep the community safe, and allow us to have this beautiful community.

I totally agree with you @nativetoalaska. Way too much blame has been put on the moderators for people own problems that they can’t seem to own up to.

About group PM’s… It’s really a situation where you have to get the combo of people right. I’ve been in many group PM’s, some were absolute failures, but most were/are really great. Group PM’s are a really good place to talk about things and a large majority of the time, they’re great.

You can leave these PM’s anytime if you like as well.

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Message @moderators instead with your concerns if you have a list.


Agree with your point

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Here’s my issue with some of these lecture topics is that they are good at addressing the issue but they lack ways in which to solve the issue at hand.

It’s one thing to say there is a problem but it is much better to incorporate ways to fix them.

As for the issues you presented, that would make the community way more strict which isn’t that the argument of most these topics complaining about moderators?

If moderators got more strict on these problems, wouldn’t there be more complaining?

This just seems like a lose lose situation for them at this point