The Rise Of Long Haul Narrowbody Routes

As we enter the new decade, it’s becoming common to see airlines operating narrowbody aircraft on long haul flights.

First, let’s look at the last decade. In 2010, long-haul flights were very common and were mostly operated with widebody planes. However, there were a few exceptions to this: the Boeing 757.
Nicknamed the flying pencil for its long length in its width, the 757 is one of the most well-known narrowbodies flying long-haul. It was used by many airlines to operate long haul routes now not really the case!

Long-haul travel today

The start of 2020 looks quite different to the start of last year. Airlines have more modern fleets, and some routes are operating in a very different way.

The Airbus A321LR at a six abreast in a typical economy configuration, the airplane is demonstrating how that long-haul flights with low demand can be done without empty seats. The Max and the A321XLR are good replacements maybe not the max😏, but the A321XRL can do transatlantic flight with no problem just like a widebody would do, but for a cheaper price!

What do you think about? Widebody slowly starting to leave the avation industry leave a comment down below!


I believe that widebodies will always be used for some routes (the more popular ones). However, less popular routes that cannot fill a widebody are starting to be replaced with long-haul narrowbodies.

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No offense… but are you just directly pasting a bunch of random Simple Flying articles?


It take stuff copy into IFC changing wording! Like Simple Flying as it has good website from bunch of cool new stuff on every day! 🙂

That’s directly pasted from the SimplyFlying article though.

And once again, no offense, but yes, SimpleFlying has a solid collection of news, but it’s not exactly the best source for information.

I had to basically correct this entire article for them, and there’s STILL errors after they acknowledged then ignored my second email:

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A few things incorrect in this:

  1. The title makes it sound like this is the first time American Airlines will use the 787 to Amsterdam. However, the first 787 flight to Amsterdam will be this month on the Philadelphia to Amsterdam route.
  2. The image of “ Reverse herringbone seats on American Airlines 787-9. Photo: American Airlines” is incorrect. That image shows the 787-8 or “Zodiac Concept D” business class NOT found on American’s Boeing 787-9. American’s 787-9 features the Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat.
  3. “ Both aircraft have the new American Airlines premium economy seats. These are in a 2-4-2 configuration that lets couples sit together on the sides and families all in one in the middle.”
    The 777-200ER’s PE is arranged in a 2-4-2. However, the 787-9’s is arranged in a 2-3-2.
    “ Every seat on both planes has power ports, but only the 777-200ER has USB power at every seat.”
    …No… Every seat in American’s 787-9 features USB power ports. In Business, it’s found in a storage compartment. In Economy Class, it’s found under the personal entertainment screen.
    Source: Personal experience of flying the 787-9 in Business and Economy Class this year.

In my post I’m just trying to say It’s slowly becoming more norrowbody!

i believe we’ll always have widebodies because no narrowbody is gonna be able to fly a sin-ewr route… if it ends up happening, that not gonna happen for a very long time. widebodies can’t even fly the longest flights that doesnt exist (one namely being hnd-gru). before we get to narrowbodies flying long hauls (10+hrs) we’re gonna need to have the widebodies fly the big routes first

At least the competitive asian aviation market wouldn’t allow this.

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Aside from what I’m saying, the point is that you really shouldn’t directly paste information from articles like SimplyFlying, otherwise we could just go to their website to read stuff instead of IFC.

Yes, but as the A220 been slowing trying to cover the small routes which are being operated by A320, B767, B757. Yes the B787 will stay etc… for the long 10+hrs!

I copy the main idea add some words to it and leave some words out! Good day! ;)

So it’s called Long distance - Skinny demand.

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