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Using the landing aid on approach I find it difficult to see the box and lining up because of the color blending with the background. Being colorblind makes it super difficult. PS4 games offer colorblind mode for the same reason. Would this mode be uInfnreasonable for the population like myself. Considering most males are colorblind.

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This sounds like a great idea. You should make a #features topic for the addition of it.

A quick fact check though when advertising this new feature: 1 in 200 males suffer from Color Vision Deficiency


don’t mobile devices have colorblind modes in general? isk if that applies to IF too but i think it does

Apple doesn’t appear to offer it, only reverse contrast. You can vote for this feature here, by the way:


And the reason I couldn’t join the AF. Doing the one thing I wanted do in life, flying. This is why I’m paying a monthly subscription wanting to come closes to my life long dream of being a pilot.

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Sucks having this disability, I was told 7/10 males have the issue. Add to the confusion I’m trying master the 717-200. I can tell you though, I make it work especially with ILF. Just makes me work a little harder then others.

Same thing here

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Night taxi are the worst. I don’t have a issue changing the day of time to afternoon once lined up turn current time (night) then I’m good till approach with the red landing aid box. It’s invisible… lol.


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