The Richmond Flyout! @KRIC 131500ZOCT19 (Closed) Thank You!

Credit: Richmond International Airport - Wikipedia
This is the first event of the monthly event series, here KRIC is a smaller airport but gets you to bigger airports. This event should be fun and hopefully we can fill up Richmond!
Server: Expert

Airport: KRIC

Time: 1500Z 2019-10-13T15:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in 15 minutes prior to the event. Be respectful and act professional as this is on expert server. Have fun!


A Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
A01 American KCLT 738 @Cooper
A02 American KDFW A320
A03 American KLGA CRJ2 @Everything_Matthew
A04 Southwest KATL 737 @Ecoops123
A05 Southwest KMCO 737 @anon46114754
A06 American KMIA CRJ9
A07 American KORD CRJ9
A08 American KPHL CRJ2 @10R80_Daily
B Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
B01 United KORD A319
B02 United KDEN 738 @Niccckk
B03 United KIAH CRJ7
B04 United KEWR CRJ2
B05 Spirit KFLL A320
B06 Spirit KMCO A320
B07 JetBlue KBOS E190 @Sebastian1
B09 JetBlue KFLL A320
B10 JetBlue KMCO A320
B11 Delta KATL 738 @NathanD
B12 Allegiant KSFB A320
B13 Allegiant KPIE A320
B14 Allegiant KSRQ A320
B15 United KIAD CRJ2
GA Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
GA01 Private GCLP CCX
GA02 Private KBCB TBM930 @David_Mullen
GA03 Private KVKX TBM930 @Military_Guru
GA04 Private
GA05 Private
GA06 Private
GA07 Private

Hey there! If you want to know how to make a table to clear up your posts, you do this:

|- --|- --|- --|- --|- --| (space isn’t needed)
And so forth…

Also I may sign up at a later point, I’m just creating my own event right now and it’s too late for me 😂

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Ok, thank you! I will try that. Do you want a gate @Ecoops123?

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I bookmarked it 😉

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Hey there! Nice to see RIC gettin’ attention. ;)

I’ll take B02 to Denver, but instead of the 737-900 may I take the -800?


This one please! I love seeing smaller airports getting attention

I have added GA gates everybody!

@Niccckk @snoman you guys are signed up! Thank you for coming! And @Niccckk you got a 738.


Oh sorry @Ecoops123 I didn’t see that you said you’d sign up later.

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Sign me up here please, my callsign will be SWA2389

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@anon46114754 you are signed up! Thank you for coming!

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Thanks, 🙏🏼

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I bet I know why it’s in Richmond…

The tigers won when the played against GWS in the AFL Grand Finals! It was such a boring game though… Watched it live. I was supporting the Giants.

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No, it’s just Richmond is underserved and I want people in at Richmond!

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Bumping this topic, let’s fill up Richmond!

Bumping this, let’s get some signups! Our goal is 10 attendees.

@Cooper copy and paste this

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign

@KennedyTurner I am currently changing it to the right format like my sfo flyout 😉

Enjoy anyone attending.

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A08 American KPHL CRJ2 Please? Call sign US MARINE

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