The Reverse - @KSEA to @VOBL American Airlines 787

The Reverse - @KSEA to @VOBL American Airlines

I wanted to fly a long route. Earlier, I flew VOBL-KSEA, but I couldn’t make it, so yesterday, I decided to try again, and I made it! It was a pretty fun flight, with nice scenery all the way. The American B787-9 is just looks awesome, and I really like the pictures.

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Time: ~14 hours 30 minutes

The Iconic American B787-9 parked at the gates of Seattle…

We taxi and up for the rotaté at Runway … I don’t remember… awkward, uncomfortable laugh

Cruising out of Washington on the way to Alaska…

Flying past Alaska and Russia, the sun is setting, reflecting on the icy mountains…

Descend and we’re approaching VOBL now…

Touchdown at VOBL, it’s time to taxi to gate and deplane the passengers after a long flight…

And we’re parked at the gate, just waiting up for the portable staircases :)

Thanks, and I’ll see you in the next one!


Those are some fine shots right there. I really like that last one!

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Thanks a lot!

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