The return

I took a long break from IF but I’m back. Just started flight school at IFAE so things are looking up for me and hope to be flying a lot more often now that it’s fun again.

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It’s been a month 😂

I thought you would’ve been gone at least a year or an amount worthy of a topic


U don’t understand bru this the longest break I’ve taken smh

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I’ve taken breaks up to a year… Still ain’t worthy of a topic IMO

Also, this bit is, well, odd to say the least:

Congrats, you got what you wanted, attention.


Either way, no need to argue. If you don’t like a topic, don’t respond


Alright boys, let’s settle down. On a better note, welcome back @Slayerr, hope you enjoyed your break, sometimes one is much needed. I hope to see you out flying soon!

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Nvm I already wanna leave again lol


Welcome back!