The Return of the VA World Cup

I’m thinking of bringing back the VA World Cup. This time, it will be in the community’s hands. They’ll be polls here, and when I decide to do it. I’ll have event organizers like in the IFO, to help out, and it’ll be better than ever!
When do you want to see it?

  • February 2017
  • April 2017
  • December 2016

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I also want to know who wants to see it, but I don’t want polls for that-I want reasons!

Wait the olympics was cancelled ?

No. @iceblue is taking over from @Thomas_Galvin, who retired from it. Let’s get back on topic :)

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Anyone that wants to help me organize, please PM me.

Thanks all for voting!

I don’t really care when it is, as I’m not in a VA. You still get my vote on when.

You can still spectate :)

venture is in

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Wait until I make the main post ;)

Ok I will sounds good

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Poll will close Friday.

December is not a month I can do it in. Please do not vote for that option. If you have voted, please change. Thanks!

Keep the votes coming!

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