The Return Of The Space Shuttle In Infinite Flight

Photo Not Mine

Creditor Is unknown / Infinite Flight

I just read a topic about how long people have flown Infinite Flight for and in the topic I found this picture the original creditor was also unknown and that topic however considering that this aircraft existed long before I ever discovered Infinite Flight and I’m sure long before many people discovered Infinite Flight I would like to put it to a vote to see how many people would like to see the return of the Space Shuttle as a aircraft to be able to fly once again! Considering the graphics of this picture it is absolutely astonishing to see how far Infinite Flight has come in the past years even though I’ve only discovered it and maybe a couple years ago! The reason why I would like for the space shuttle to return is for those of us who never had a chance to fly the space shuttle to have the chance to be able to fly it and experience what it would be like.

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Hey there! As far as I know this is a duplicate ;( I would love to see it back also! But for now being lets continue in this topic


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