The Return of Qantas @KDFW

Happy Monday everyone hope everyone is off to a good Monday. Yesterday I did a little spotting at DFW and here’s some of the shots. Thank you @Deltadev13 for the moral support ❤️


Lighting was not ideal so excuse some of the quality

To start us off we have a United Airbus A320 coming in from it’s short hop from KIAH

Next we have an American Airlines Airbus A319 coming in from KIAD

It’s another Airbus just this time it’s an American Airbus A320 from KMSY

I’m starting to think that DFW might get a bunch of Airbus aircraft this one being a Spirit Airbus A321 from @Xaro home time (aka KORD)

Does this count as an Airbus? 🤔 Idk jury is still out on this one. Either way here’s a Delta Airbus A220-300/Bombardier CS300

Finally something other then an Airbus. This being a American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-900LR operated by Mesa Airlines. She’s coming in from a gruelingly long CRJ flight from KLGB

Another Regional Jet this time being an American Eagle Embraer E175 operated by Envoy Air. This particular E175 was caught twice yesterday first by @Deltadev13 as it departed KGRR then by me as it arrived into KDFW

Now we have an extremely controversial plane the American Airlines Boeing 737-800 with the winglet logo experiment. She was arriving in from KORD

Yet another American Airlines Boeing 737-800. This one being painted in the stunning Polished tri-bar livery (American Airlines Heritage) She was coming in from MMSD

Now we have the star of the show the Qantas Boeing 787-9 coming in from Sydney. This was only Qantas 3rd flight to DFW since 2020 this attracted a massive crowd of spotters the parking lots filled completely up well over an hour before she arrived

Anyways thanks for reading my spotting topic please vote in the polls below and drop a reply with any questions, comments, and/or concerns

Which shot is your favorite
  • UA A320
  • AA A319
  • AA A320
  • NK A321
  • DL A223/BCS3
  • AA CRJ9
  • AA E175
  • AA B738 (winglet logo)
  • AA B738 (chrome)
  • QF B789

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Camera: IPhone 13 pro max


Camera from 2006 shots > Iphone shots

Great job Will! Thanks for the moral support, and you’re getting much better on your shots/edits!

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Thank you ❤️

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Great shots! Love the flying banana bus, and that CSeries is looking cute as always.

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Take that out!

A220-300 all the ways

Qantas shots, yellow bus, anything I missed. Great shots.

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Insane photos once again! Love all the AA!

I watched the A380 but I would’ve never thought there would that many people watching the 787. Nice shots! 😄

I want the QF A380 back at my home Airport

Love the A220 and spirit always catches the eye

Lol 😂 controversy

Thank you ❤️

I was kinda shocked too

Me too


Nice photos! I remember traveling to DFW, to plane spot, a couple years ago and I remember seeing one of Qantas’ A380s landing and taxing to the gate. It was an awesome experience, that was the first time I had ever seen an A380.

When I flew to MIA on a 777 out gate was right next to the A380 and we just looked small and insignificant


Absolutely beautiful picture of the that chrome B738

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Its adopted

Anyways nice shots!

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Thank you ❤️


Beautiful Shots Will!

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Thank you


Great pics! Do you know any good plane spotting spots besides the founders plaza?

Yes let’s continue this in a PM

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