The Return Back to Flying! @ KVGT & U08

Hey all! I’m proud to announce that I have successfully completed my first general aviation flight in over a year. I was able to take this opportunity with Civil Air Patrol (CAP) who hosted their first Orientation Flights (O-Ride) since last year. This gave me the opportunity to hop back into flying again!

To give a brief explanation of CAP, it’s a youth / adult government organization which educates and employs many future cadets who’ve started to pursue an aviation career. I’ve joined last year and unfortunately, that was a week into the pandemic so the O-Rides have been halted. CAP gives you 5 free O-Rides after you join which is an awesome opportunity to hop in an aircraft and get flying.

Today’s flight brought me, the pilot (who was extremely nice), and 2 other CAP members from North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) to Perkins Field (U08) and back. Both ways takes roughly 30 minutes.

The aircraft for today’s flight was an Australian-made Gippsland GA-8 Skyvan.The registration is N474CP.

I sat on the 2nd left row on this 8 seater aircraft. I was extremely happy to see us up in the air after so long.

After transitioning Nellis AFB and having one of the CAP Members hand-fly, we begin descent to U08 over the Valley of Fire! 🔥

After a smooth (not really) touchdown into Perkins, we switch controls and I head up to the co-pilots seat.

I had the ability to hand-fly the full 28 minutes back excluding the takeoff and landing. Some minor turbulences over Nellis on the way back but it was awesome to have controls again!

A little video of the landing by the pilot!

Lastly, here was flight path.

Extreme appreciation for CAP for letting members do this free orientation flights. This is what makes them stand out. I definitely suggest everyone to join as it’s a great experience for everyone!

Here’s the link if you’re interested :)


I saw this plane on the ramp yesterday.

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Amazing pictures and videos! I can’t wait to join in👀

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That’s awesome 😂 I believe there were 3 others flying today too, A 182, 172, and 206.

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Awesome photos, I wish we used these type of planes but we just use 172s at the local squadron.

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172’s are still a great beginners aircraft! The GA-8 is actually quite underpowered haha.

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Is it? Very weird

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Bro that’s Cap 🧢 😉

That’s a really cool experience and awesome photos as always! Thanks for sharing!

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How about you stop the

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Congratulations on getting out flying. What an absolute toaster of an aircraft!

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