The Retro Denver Flyout 03FEB24

The Retro Denver Flyout


Welcome to the 1990s-2010s era! In this time, the Denver International Airport opened and replaced the Denver Stapleton Airport. Here we have many flights that no longer exist, and some that still do exist today! I hope you all enjoy this event as it was very fun to make! Come join us in Denver!

Event Details

Event Time - Saturday, February 3, 2024 5:00 PMSaturday, February 3, 2024 6:00 PM


Gate Assignments

A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
A24 Frontier Phoenix-Sky Harbor A320
A25 Frontier Chicago O’Hare A320
A26 Frontier Las Vegas A320
A27 Frontier Atlanta A320
A28 Frontier Dallas/Fort Worth A318
A29 Frontier Ontario A318
A30 Frontier Tampa A320
A31 Frontier Orange County A318
A32 Frontier Cincinnati A320
A33 Frontier Cleveland A318
A34 Frontier Miami A320
A35 JetBlue New York-JFK A320
A36 Frontier Orlando A320
A37 British Airways London-Heathrow 747-400 @Shane_Rossler
A38 Frontier Philadelphia A318
A39 Mexicana Mexico City A318
A40 Frontier San Diego A320
A41 Lufthansa Frankfurt 747-400
A42 Frontier San Francisco A320
A44 Frontier Bellingham A318
A45 Continental Newark DC-10 @MPH258
A46 Frontier Eugene A318
A48 Frontier Grand Forks A318
A49 Continental Cleveland DC-10
A50 Frontier Newark A320
A51 Frontier Washington-Dulles A320
A52 Frontier Los Angeles A318
A53 Frontier Phoenix-Mesa A318
A54 Frontier JetExpress Colorado Springs CRJ-700
A60 Frontier JetExpress Bozeman CRJ-700
A62A United Express Alamosa Q400
A62B United Express Montrose Q400
A62C United Express Rock Springs Q400
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
B15 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B16 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B17 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B18 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B19 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B20 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B21 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B22 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B23 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B24 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B25 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B26 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B27 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B28 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B29 United Newark A320 @TAPVirtual
B30 United San Jose del Cabo 737-800
B31 United Indianapolis A320
B32 United Frankfurt 767-300
B35 United Toronto-Pearson A320
B36 United Chicago O’Hare 747-400 -
B37 United Cancun 737-800
B38 United Washington-Dulles 777-200 @Ben_Walsh
B39 United Puerto Vallarta A320
B41 United Bozeman 737-800 @CedricFlys
B42 United New York-JFK 777-200
B43 United Fort Lauderdale 737-900 @Ross1134
B44 United San Francisco 757-200
B45 United Vancouver A320
B46 United Chicago-Midway A320
B47 United Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-800
B48 United Las Vegas A320
B49 United Houston-Intercontinental A320
B50 United Express Salt Lake City Q400
B51 United Express Jackson Hole Q400
B52 United El Paso A320
B53 United Boston 737-900
B54 United Express Colorado Springs Q400
B55 United Express Salina CRJ-200
B56 United Express Williston CRJ-200
B57 United Express Devils Lake CRJ-200
B58 United Express Sheridan CRJ-200
B59 United Express Dodge City CRJ-200
B60 United Express Vernal CRJ-200
B61 United Express Laramie CRJ-200
B62 United Express Casper CRJ-200
B63 United Express Durango CRJ-200
B64 United Express Rapid City CRJ-200
B65 United Express Fargo CRJ-200
B66 United Express Lewiston CRJ-200
B67 United Express Helena CRJ-200
B68 United Express Santa Fe CRJ-200
B69 United Express Minot CRJ-200
B70 United Express Hobbs CRJ-200
B71 United Express Cody CRJ-200
B72 United Express Gillette CRJ-200
B73 United Express Cheyenne CRJ-200
B74 United Express Springfield CRJ-200
B75 United Express Little Rock CRJ-200
B76 United Express Jamestown CRJ-200
B77 United Express Midland CRJ-200
B78 United Express Lincoln CRJ-200
B79 United Express Moab CRJ-200
B80 United Express Liberal CRJ-200
B81 United Express St. George CRJ-200
B82 United Express Pasco CRJ-200
B83 United Express Dickinson CRJ-200
B84 United Express Scottsbluff CRJ-200
B85 United Express Kearney CRJ-200
B86 United Express Pueblo CRJ-200
B87 United Express Lubbock CRJ-200 @anon87523340
B88 United Express North Platte CRJ-200
B89 United Express Sioux City CRJ-200
B90 United Express Riverton CRJ-200
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
C28 US Airways Phoenix-Sky Harbor A320 @Bay_Area_Aviation
C29 US Airways Charlotte A320
C30 US Airways Philadelphia A320
C31 American Miami 737-800 @QatariVirtual
C32 Alaska Horizon Seattle CRJ-700
C33 American Miami 737-800 @QatariVirtual
C34 Northwest Detroit A319
C35 American Miami 737-800 @QatariVirtual
C36 Northwest Minneapolis A319
C37 American Miami 737-800 @QatariVirtual
C38 Northwest Memphis A319
C39 American Miami 737-800 @QatariVirtual
C40 Delta Atlanta A321
C41 Southwest Chicago-Midway 737-700
C42 Delta Salt Lake City 717-200
C43 Southwest Dallas-Love 737-800
C44 Delta Seattle A320
C45 Southwest Orlando 737-800 @SouthwestVirtual
C46 AirTran Milwaukee 717-200
C47 Southwest Oakland 737-700 @SouthwestVirtual
C48 Southwest Las Vegas 737-800 @SouthwestVirtual
C49 Southwest Houston-Hobby 737-700 @SouthwestVirtual
C50 Southwest Baltimore 737-800 @SouthwestVirtual


I am not responsible for violations
Follow all ATC Instructions
Respect all other planes and player
Be professional, it is 2024 if your curious
Have fun!


ATIS Ground Tower Departure Center
@Butter575 @Butter575 @Butter575 - -

This event is sponsored by Southwest Virtual.

This event is sponsored by Qatari Virtual.


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