The Resistance Rises One Final Time: United 737-800 Star Wars Plane Set To Be Repainted

United To Repaint The Star Wars 737-800

The United 737 in the Star Wars livery will rise for one final time from Houston Intergalactic Space Port as it makes it’s way over to Tatooine, aka Amarillo, Texas, where it is set to be repainted into the new United Evo Blue livery starting tomorrow.

United launched the plane a few years back, in association with Disney to promote their latest Star Wars movie. The plane was met with celebration for its first flight in Houston, and the plane was fitted with a Star Wars interior.

It will be so sad go see it go. This plane brought joy to many kids (and Star Wars adults) who stepped onboard. It brought a fun vibe to United, and I happen to think that it became one of the best things about then. The Star Wars plane will be missed, but I am happy to see that United is speeding up the repaint process of their fleet.


AS OF 9:37 PM:

Landed in Amarillo.


I’m very sad to see it go. Never got to see it in person which is a bummer but it’s for sure a great livery that will be remembered.


I’m so glad I got to see it in person a few days ago. You will be missed N36272. It will not be the same to spot you landing in Evo instead of Star Wars.

Oh sad, that livery only lasted for about 2 years.

I’m really sad this livery is leaving the UAL fleet. Farwell N36272… :(

Really sad to see this go - this was such an iconic livery.

Oh no, it is such a beautiful aircraft and it will surely be missed 😢

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Interesting livery indeed. Unfortunately things can’t stay forever

May the force be with you

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“All great things must come to an end” Wish they kept that livery, one of the best special liveries they had.


I will miss this I wanted to fly on it sooooo bad!!

Imagine if they made a Star Wars airline


I’m gonna miss it

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Ikr so many amazing planes are going away😔 like this one and the an-225 also

First time seeing N36272 since the repaint. I wish it still had Star Wars.

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