The Residence - Queens Borough

Abu Dhabi To New York City

I’d like to thank @NoahM for everything he has done on the IFC & I’d like to learn how to take amazing IF photographs. This is a tribute of sorts to @NoahM and @AlphaSeven for their pictures!

On Tuesday, due to the IFATC coverage in the UAE, I decided to hold a group-flight from the Middle Eastern airports of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Doha all the way to Queens. Yep, you know it! JFK.
I flew with @thenewpilot, @Royce, & @Lufthansa2. We all started at different airports (@Royce - OMDB), (@thenewpilot and @Lufthansa2 - OTHH).

Unfortunately, only @Royce and I made it to JFK, but here are some pictures from that amazing flight I had in The Residence. Just kidding… I probably won’t ever be able to fly The Residence anyways. Probably the Business Class.

Flight Logistics

Abu Dhabi - New York (OMAA-KJFK)
Aircraft & Livery: Etihad A380
Callsign: Etihad 101
Flight Time: 14 hours 23 minutes

Taxiing in Abu Dhabi passing by a fellow Etihad pilot in the Dreamliner.

A mediocre edit, but a successful takeoff from Abu Dhabi on Runway 13R.

Turned around and leaving the coasts of Abu Dhabi, heading towards the Gulf.

Speechless. Absolutely astonishing seeing the horizon line.

Fast forward, we are now landing at KJFK. Passengers are slightly sad that The Residence flight is over… but they’re happy cause we’re in New York City!

Parking next to @Royce, who landed from OMDB!

Thanks for seeing these pictures! Until next time!


Please let me know how the pictures were and if you have any routes that you suggest I should fly.

Looks like a nice bump. bunch of photos you have there!


Pretty decent, personally a bit too much on the vibrance and tint but it was nice! Especially the first one!!!

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Thanks @Ecoops123 and @TransportForLife! Learning how to bump topics well :)

Yep, I may have put a bit too much vibrance and tint… well, it was my first time editing them, so I’ll keep that in mind before I edit my next bunch of pictures.

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Good for the first try, I remember my 3rd time posting a topic I used too much saturation and vibrancy, but I am improving although I haven’t posted a photo topic in ages lol

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@Amaar_Viqar, something for Etihad Virtual? :)

Thanks so much! @ran

It really means a lot :)

And great photos! It’s tough to have good ones with such a long flight but you did! The only recommendation I have, as others have said, is to tone down the tint a little

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Sure, will do @NoahM! Let’s see my pictures from my next flight :)

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Let’s do it! :)

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