The reply button

Whenever I press the reply button after like 5 minutes or so it disappears and I comment a normal comment. Is this a bug or something on my part?

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To clear up confusion after a while when typing a reply it switches it to a normal comment in stead of the reply.

Could you show us a screenshot?

I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I think this is normal.

When you say reply, do you mean a reply directly to the post of another user or just a post in the topic?

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Another user if I don’t type it within 3 minutes it changes the reply to the post instead of the user


Token in the span of 2 minutes btw

It might be normal from what I see but after replying to @ewanfleming it shows it as a normal comment on my side of the screen

That’s not a bug. If you reply to someone, i.e me (@Thomas_G) and someone else posts something before you reply to me, then that arrow will appear to let you know that you are replying to me and not as a general comment. If you press the blue reply button located at the bottom of each topic, you are replying to the topic, if you press the Reply button on someone’s post, you are replying to the creator of that post.


Ah okay that makes sense, thanks @BravoCharlie @Thomas_G @ewanfleming


@Thomas_G is 100% right - but there’s a slight confusing element to this: if you reply directly to most recent post on the topic (so that your reply is the directly below what you were responding to), the little arrow in the top right of the post (indicating what you replied to) won’t show up - but the user will still get notified with a reply. Not quite sure of the reasoning for the lack of arrow but it seems to have always been that way.


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