The replacement of test category

1st:- RIP for #test Category
2nd:- Do you want to test a code, (Poll, blurry posts…etc)?
Its really easy (but bo one will see it except you)

  1. Go to your Profile
  1. Click o Messages
  2. Test whatever you want
  3. Send this, and there you go!
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😁 Nice!
It would make testing private but… 😂😂😂

Better Get on desktop view and get a live preview of what you are typing…


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Not for polls

Yeah that also works. I used it a couple of times but I jave forgotten about it.

Yes it does for polls too :)

But you cant vote there

You dont need to vote to check out a poll, do you?

For Multiple and Average snd to check public polls votes, you need

How for average and multiple when even in the PM, only one person (you) will vote? :||

To test them how they work

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