The Regional Side of Salt Lake City

Hello everyone! Over the weekend, I flew some of the regional flights that are operated out of Salt Lake City on the CRJ-200. These flights were amazingly scenic, and I managed to capture some great photos from them. I hope you enjoy!

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: CRJ-200
Route: Various

Flight #1: Salt Lake City - Canyonlands

@MrGoatX and I gearing up for the first flight of the day to Canyonlands Rgnl.

Taking off of runway 34R

Cruisin’ along

MrGoat buttering the landing in Canyonlands as I taxi to the gate

Flight #2: Canyonlands - Salt Lake City

Taking off from Canyonlands Rgnl.

Saying goodbye to Southern Utah 👋

On short final at Salt Lake

Flight #3: Salt Lake City - West Yellowstone

Blasting out of Salt Lake

Flying past the Tetons along the way

Landing at West Yellowstone Airport

I hope you enjoyed! Please be sure to let me know which shot was your favorite down below.

Which one was your favorite?

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Have a great rest of your day!


these are all the ones i got

thanks for letting me join you, i had a blast!

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Yess so good 😍

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Thanks for the support guys!

And thanks again for joining me for that first flight @MrGoatX

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Always great to see some CRJ-200 action, despite its status as the Crappy Regional Jet. Nice shots!

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This really is stunning! I never realized how beautiful Utah was.


Ha, I’ve done these routes before! Great small flights and great to see other people doing the regionals out of SLC :)

Drove by CNY in real life and it’s such a weird little thing, you’re in the middle of nowhere in basically the desert and then this airport pops up on the side of the road with a CRJ parked there haha


I’ve driven past CNY too, and your right how it’s just a randomly placed airport 20 miles away from anything lol

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100%, me and a friend were driving to the parks by Moab and I didn’t realize just how far the airport is from the town. Good 15 minute drive at least and it’s in the middle of nowhere.

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You picked the correct place to fly out of.

Salt Lake City is too underrated.

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I love planes with engines on the back because they look like cute smiling snails
(Weird I wasn’t responding to mrgoatx)
Is this a bug?