The Red, Magenta, and Blue @ KDCA

Hola. Here’s some photos from this past Saturday, when a whole lot of special liveries flew in. Enjoy

First up was an Evo Blue A320 from Chicago

Next came this BCS1 from Detroit, definitely one of the best looking aircraft in the world

The first special to arrive was More To Love from Seattle I think. Its sad that Alaska’s retiring these aircraft.

30 minutes later Freedom One arrived, showing off it’s extravagant colors

That’s all for today, but I have an excess of photos from Saturday, so whenever I get around to posting them, yeah. Adios

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Wow. Absolutely stunning! 🤩


Nice ones !

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stunning pictures! I absolutely love the More to Love and Freedom One pics!

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Amazing!! You saw some amazing liveries!! Awesome!!

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Your welcome ! ;)

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When you get more special livery aircraft in an hour than I do in a day

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Get a better airport 🫣

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I’d say the Alaska A321neo looks even better.

Regardless, I’d say you were pretty lucky that day, with 50% of the planes you managed to catch having been painted with special liveries.

The 7th picture was my favorite, keep up the great work!

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Yeah, I’d put the AS Neo above the A220. thanks!

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Awesome shots! I love the united evo blue, it’s definitely one of my favourite modern day liveries.

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I’m a simple man…, I see plane? I give like


Danke Johnny, I agree

I appreciate like 🙏 how’s Bonaire?

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Freedom one 🫡😍

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My first time seeing it! It definitely catches your eye…

It’s good!
How’s DC

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Unknown. I try to avoid going into the dumpster fire of DC

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