The Real World "LIVE ATC"

Listen to actual ATC Bcasts at your favorite Airport as they happen and improve your VHF skill set. Down load the App “Live ATC”. Beside the Chatter this App includes Airport Diagrams Nationwide. Fly Smart, Safe, and by the Rules. Max Sends

Good idea, but its £2.99 which i would rather spend on Infinite Flight.
Not that i have much left to buy!


I’m with you Jake, if I bought every neat gizmo I saw I’d go broke to.
Regards, Max

(@Jake_Brimbie). Just a thought; take a look at. “ATC 4.0 XL Lite” it’s free.

@Maxmustang, ahh cool i’ll chaek it out!

I have been using this App for about a year now and it does help improve some of my skills as IF ATC…but i like it mostly when i use it in connect with Flight Radar so i can see and hear everything at the same time

(@Omari_Joseph) Try a connection with “Flight Aware”. That’s what I use for my local major (KRSW) watching & listening pleasure. Been using it for awhile and know there Star Arrivals and Commecial Slots time in the evening. Run the audio via a blue tooth speaker and am trying to figure out how to stream the plot to a TV.
Gotta keep your head & hand in or you loose the edge. Max Sends

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yes you can do this as well…but i like Flight Radar better than Flight Aware

Noted and will give Radar a shot. Thanks…

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you do that…lemme know

I have a site Every airport you can listing