The Real IF Hawaiian 717 N475HA

Hawaiian 717 N475HA
For the IF pilots out there that love flying the Hawaiian 717. Here’s pictures of N475HA island hopping.



Damn that’s a nice livery!


That’s one of my favorite planes, and my favorite livery…it’s…it’s so beautiful… sheds tear

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Beautiful plane!

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Remind’s me off being on approach runway 26R at PHNL parallel with a 717… Beautiful aircraft!

One of the best airline paint schemes around.


This makes me remember when i went to Hawaii and flew on the 717 so much. ;( Such a good plane

This livery will look so much better on he a320 once they get it.

Do you mean the A330? That would be a great addition.

No. Look at this.

I´ll be able to make island hopping on Hawaii! The 717 is such a pain to land.

Wow, that’ll be a change.

You can technically fly HA 763s island hopping if you get tired of 717s. They don’t see regular service for those segments but they have performed them in the past when required. I doubt the A321neo would be used for island hopping but maybe HNL-OGG? Occasional aircraft subs?


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No, it was pretty easy to find @benny1263.

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I’ll have to try it out on my PHNL to PHTO route.

For high density I imagine.

The 321 neos will be used for flights like Maui of lihue to SFO or LAX.
Or HNL to places where the 330 can’t go. (SMF)

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It seems the new HA 321neo’s will be used to compete with Alaska Airlines and put long range narrow body planes (A321) where wide body aircraft (A330) have a harder time filling seats.


I’m sure HA717 will continue to fly inter-island routes for the time being.

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That’s exactly right