The Re-Certification of the 737 MAX

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I’m hesitant to trust it right away. Boeing singed their reputation with this, so a lot of trust is yet to be restored.

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Here is a thorough description of my thoughts.

I don’t think that the MAX should have been grounded at all, It wasn’t the airplane’s issue. All these people “Oh the plane wasn’t redesigned so I won’t fly on it” make no sense to me… Why does it need to be redesigned? There wasn’t even an issue with the airframe in the first place!

There was a problem, yes. But not with the plane. Stop using that excuse.

Boeing could have had better pilot training. This is where the issue lies in hand, for a few reasons.

  • MCAS could have been turned off (and some knew how to do it, on the flight before the Lionair crash the pilots had MCAS act up and turned it off).
  • I’m not a pilot trainer by any sorts, but is it just that those pilots didn’t pay attention to their course? How is it that some of them knew how but some didn’t?
  • To avoid the above issue, it could have been in person training.

Overall, not the planes fault. If anything, its the training course. But it could have also been the pilots, if they didn’t take their course seriously.

*Could we maybe avoid people calling me a monster for saying it could have been pilot error? Every time I bring it up people can’t take my opinion. Don’t like it, don’t read it.


Would you step on a 737 MAX aircraft for a flight?

  • 100% yes
  • 75% yes
  • 50% maybe
  • 25% not yet
  • 0% no

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When a building burns down, do you blame the firefighters for not controlling the fire? Or do you investigate the cause of the fire to prevent future fire incidents?

An accident is a chain of events usually triggered by a single point. Sure, maybe the pilots ‘failed’, but that was as a result of a fatal chain, in this case, the MCAS.

Sure, the airframe itself wasn’t an issue, the MAX is one of the best looking planes IMO, but that system, the MCAS was where the trouble began. At the end, an aircraft doesn’t get grounded for nearly 2 years due to pilot error.

Ps: Given that the aircraft is one of the most scrutinised piece of machinery in our lifetime, I’ll gladly book a flight on it, after all the regulators are happy with it.

Please read above, this was one of the main reasons I said what I said.

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Im gonna go maybe if I was assigned to fly the MAX in a random airline (Alaska,Southwest,American)

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The Ethiopians did manage to disable it, but due to the forces acting on the stabilizer which prevented them from manually trimming that aircraft, they somehow reactivated it. At that time, the engines were at 94% N1. Yeah, I know, it looks bad. But at the end, all this would not have happened if MCAS was properly thought out.


Yes…i have personally flown on the MAX(the -8) and it flies absolutely well…there is no issue with the airframe…I did not notice that it was a MAX until I noticed how quiet it was and the winglets…my parents were also fooled…

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I would not fly in a misconceived aircraft.

I have flown the 737MAX in India right before it was grounded with Spicejet and had no problems. I will definitely fly it again!


same here…but Jet Airways


MAX was very carefully reviewed. I don’t think it’ll ever have anotger crash “because of the plane”. I’d fly it.


As you said, there isn’t an aircraft that can truly replace 757s. 😍 It’s the perfect aircraft for medium-demand short|long-haul flights.


Yeah, I look at the MAX and NEO as competitors. And that they don’t even compete close enough with the 757 😂
It’s not even a consideration imo lol


Another 737MAX took off from KRNT today for testing!

We also got a P-8 Poseidon1
Here are some mediocre pics, the lighting isn’t good, but this is just to apply some pictures to the events in this thread.
I thought these may be relevant :)

branches ._.

and a majestic P-8 Poseidon!


MAX has just been released for flight in Brazil


Ever flown on an Airbus?


Great to hear. It’ll be interesting to see when GOL resumes MAX operations.

Yes I have. And I’m not thrilled about them either.