The rate that ATC SIRI talks on Live

I have two devices. An IPhone and an IPad. When I’m on my iPhone, “Siri” (the ATC chatter) talks about twice as fast as she does on my iPad. My iPad takes a lot longer to get through the ATC chatter build up (especially at KLAX) when it’s really busy. When I’m on my iPhone, she talks at a faster rate and gets through the ATC chatter faster. Is there any settings to change on my iPad to make Siri talk as fast as she does on my iPhone? I remember when I first downloaded it on my iPad, she talked fast, but a few weeks into using the app, I remember she started talking slower and it’s been the same ever since. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Hayden Hutchens

If there is a setting it would be somewhere in the device settings. I’ve not seen anything though.

Hello Hayden,

Here is a suggestion for you:

Close the app beforehand

  1. Open Settings in your iPhone

  2. Then open General

  3. Open Accessibility

  4. Open Speech

  5. Speaking Rate - Slide to modify the speech

Let me know if it works for you!