The Rarest Session Ever @ KLAS

Well, you know me. I love plane spotting. Who doesn't?

Today was a special day here as more then 20 rare and special painted liveries arrived to Vegas Valley. I can only fit 10 unfortunately but a Part 2 will possibly be out.

First, before I start, Delta has now started flying full service to Vegas again with their 757s, A321s, 767s, and 737-900ERs.

Now, prepare for awesomeness as I start off my day with a beautiful photo of Triple Crown One. This was in fact the first time i’ve seen it as it passes over me at the windiest part of the day.

Right after that, Tennessee One surprises me on FR24 so I rush to the Cargo Ramp. The reason why this livery for me is hard to get is because i’ve seen it 3 times, and all 3 times my camera decided focusing shouldn’t be a thing. I have way more shots of this beauty, around 8, that I’ll share in it’s own topic soon :)

Back to my other spot for shiny arrivals, it wasn’t long before the next special came in. Maryland One! What a beautiful pattern eh?

Hopping right behind is my friend @southwest.air.luvflyer who you can find on Instagram as she heads back from Boise, Idaho.

Next in line is United’s 2019 livery on the beautiful 737-800 😍

Annndddddd another Southwest special as Louisiana One makes her way through the windy skies for a smooth touchdown!

Here comes an orange and blue pencil. I didn’t know they could fly!

Misery by Paramore with that beautiful flag 🤩

@Luke_Sta 's dream arriving from a Salty Lake with a City.

I’ve waited 3 and a half hours to get this pencil imprinted with the Skyteam logo on it. :)

Ill see everyone in part two! And a quick question before I leave, which ones are suitable for JP?

Thank You :)


Great photos! 👍

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Oh, I absolutely love the Tennessee One! It’s my favorite livery!

Amazing photos! I still have to come to LAS sometime!

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Wow, lucky you! These are great photos, I would love to see a part 2!

Canyon Blue is still the best. 🙈


solid stuff here. seen both TC1 and TN1 irl at DEN and MDW respectively

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Say no more! Look at the Southwest specials 🤩

Awesome shots!

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Both are beautiful liveries!

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Awesome awesome shots! Unfortunately, JP has this stupid stupid rule which states that no part of the aircraft may be cut off… pretty sure that includes the wings. You could try uploading to Airliners.neg or TheExplorerBlog (my personal favourite!)

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JP does allow cut off parts such as wings but under certain circumstances.


Ah okay, never knew that! The one thing that turned me off JP was the pixel limit and it was soooo annoying so I just stopped trying with them. Because if they’re going to limit the pixels, the photo won’t be as good and it will get rejected

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Yea, thats true. I might switch to or something haha

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That’s really cool. I happen to be in Vegas right now too lol

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Wow! Where are ya staying at? A hotel or somewhere else? The hotels on the south side of the strip have great views of the airport.

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Yea we’re at Caesars which is north. We normally stay at Planet Hollywood where you can see the planes pretty will in the pano room. We are gonna stay at a friends house tomorrow and then come back to the hotel Monday

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Lovely photos! Loving the UA738 and Triple Crown One

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Not sure if you can go spotting tomorrow but if you can, you get a chance of some pretty special liveries. Colleen Barrett, Nevada One, Missouri One, Lone Star One,

Tennessee One, Missouri One, Maryland One, and louisiana one all depart tomorrow morning :)

ahhhh I wish I could. Is it close enough for phone spotting. I don’t have the good camera with me

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dang, i wish i could’ve spotting this too, make the day 20x better haha

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That Delta Skyteam shot is stunning!

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I have much more shots of it! Wish i could post em all lol

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