The Rare @Generic_Flyer Topic

Doing a rare type of topic for me, I did a group flight with 1 of my friends and another IFC member tagged along. Here are some photos after we landed.

Mini Mod and Mod Repellent, Deluxe Edition

Route: Seattle-Tacoma (SEA/KSEA) to Los Angeles International (LAX/KLAX)
Flight time: 2 hours 00 Minutes.
Amount of flights: 1
Type: Group Flight
Members: @EastTexasAviationYT , @Aviator_Enthusiast , @Generic_Flyer
Remarks: None

Delta 737-932ER line up


Love it😁

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Great flying with you!


No problem, nice to have you come along!

I know I was parked on the other side of the terminal in that last pic

Nice pics! Sorry if I got in the way on final, you guys just happened to be landing at the same time haha


I love it !

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lol no worries I’ll take full blame on that one😅sorry for the late response