The Queens, in 1989 in a sunny L.A

Back with oldies 😎

It’s summer 1989, precisely in the Month of July. You’re at the brand new Tom Bradley International terminal. People’s are crowding everywhere around you as big planes are arriving. But you’re seating here, a fresh coffee in the right hand, L.A time newspaper in the left. You took this, while waiting for boarding your flight to Honolulu for your summer vacations.


Nice shot! Can you do a DCA one with an old American 757?


Roger the request and thank you


Is it N747PA

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For the realism i wish but it’s N730PA

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Dang they should add N747PA

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Would you like me to send it private or making a topic in a few hours?

How do you get the grainy effect on it. Awesome picture once again @Captain_Lufty

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Hey, i’m using my phone’s photo edit parameters, i’m adjusting a filter that i chose then i edit it again and again until i have something that i want. (You know adjusting brightness, vignette, everything) And thank you

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New topic. Def.

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