The queens arrive at SMJP

@anon57683537 and I just did a flight from EHAM to SMJP. We were excited to do this flight because KLM operates the one and only, queen of the skies, B747-400 on this route. ENJOY!

SERVER: Expert
CRZ: FL 350
MACH: .82
Flight time: 9:15
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
(Turn up your brightness for the first few)

Parked and ready for action

Rotatè, it amazes me how this thing can fly…

Sunrise over Paris, France 🇫🇷

Bye Europe!

Hello South America!

Bringin’ her down RW 11

I believe @anon57683537 had a smoother landing then mine, so great job


We also saw a lot of AFKLM members at EHAM, so feel free to tell me if you saw me

Thanks for stopping by!


Great photos! And how did you manage to land so smoothly, I can never do that in the 747


Before I was into the 737, the 747 used to be the aircraft I would ALWAYS fly, so I have a little experience
Azure on the other hand, is just good 😂
Thanks for looking!

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Second shot is yes

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I had to up the brightness so much, the original was just pitch black 😂

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🤦‍♂️ My landing was terrible

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Very nice @Bravo59 and @anon57683537.


You have no self confidence, it was really good actually 😆

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Thanks, it was a fun flight and I totally recommend the route

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Second pic is really cool , nice photos 👍🏽😎

Thank you!

747s look like beasts together

your night photo is brighter, did you edit it?

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Yes I did. I put exposure and brilliance lighting to 100%

after you took the pictures, right

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Yes. In case you were wondering, I just used the default brightness editor
Here’s an example if you would like to know how I did it because it’s useful for night pics

Go to edit photo, click the three circles, and you will see “light”

Here is where you bring up brightness

Hope this helps!
Once again, it’s really useful for night pics


great, thank you

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