The Queen of Wyoming... Is a 747!?


Have you ever seen a #screenshots-and-videos topic dedicated to a retro plane? I know, crazy, right? We always see the same A350’s, 777’s, and A320’s. Well today I decided to take the 747-200 out for a spin, the original queen of the skies (well, we don’t have the -100, so I can call the -200 the original). Anyway, let’s see those photos, I even made them look retro! This has to be my worst description ever.

My EAA 747 banking right over the beautiful Wyoming mountains. The scenery in Wyoming is so underrated, it’s just as beautiful as any of the Alps or other parts of the Rockies.

A wing view of the Wyoming mountains with my JT9D engines roaring away.

Analog gauges glowing, it magically turns to nighttime as take a photo of the 747-200’s one-of-a-kind cockpit. It just looks amazing at night!

The great 747 in all its glory. I’ll let this photo speak for itself. I think this is one of my all-time favorites of mine!

Fancy quiz time!

What is the tallest mountain in the state of Wyoming?
  • Fremont Peak
  • Gannett Peak
  • Grand Teton
  • Cloud Peak

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If you like these quizzes, let me know and I’ll do more. If you don’t like them, I’ll stop quizzing y’all.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my photos of the queen of the skies. Feedback is accepted like always, and have a great day IFC!


Nice pics :)

Nice photos man! Wyoming is a beautiful place, I love the area!

Make sure to check out Montana too, even better in my opinion.

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psst Dude, shut up! Remember? Wyoming doesn’t exist. We can’t say otherwise or else they’ll-


Thanks @Stellar_G!

Thank you so much! And course I’ll check out Montana!

Wyoming exists, Wyoming exists, Wyoming exists, Wyoming exists. 😜


The cockpit shot is stunning with the gauges lighting up, you really made me think these were taken in the 80’s!

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Nice reference to Garfield

@Butter_Boi also love the scenery

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Great, now they’re coming for you too.

Thanks! The 747’s cockpit is unlike all the others in the sim because of the lack of glass instruments, makes it look really cool at night.

Thank you @GameBoy_KIRB!

Too bad for you @nativetoalaska. If it’s on the map, it’s there. 😂

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Grand Teton

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I somehow read Wyoming as Meowming

nice pics anyway.

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You may be right there @misterATOMIC, but you could also be wrong. Not gonna reveal the answer until my next topic. 😉

Thanks @MissRosa! And as far as I know Wyoming is not pronounced Meowming. 😜

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wait is cloud peak an actuall peak?

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Beautiful photo i feel like i am in 747 IRL


Damnn really beautiful pictures bud 😍😍😍! Loved the Analogue gauges 👌👌

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not saying your photos are bad or whatever but add a pinch of sepia and that’s even more retro like!

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Montana is my relatives home state



Thank you @Ritesh321!

Thank you so much!

To be honest they could use some. I’ll keep that in mine next time I have some retro-style photos.

That’s really cool @Greyhound_99!


Nice pictures!

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Thanks @LHardy64!

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