The Queen of The Skies

G’day all, so I thought I’d use the 747 in a flight for once and on a long haul flight. I don’t usually fly the 747 because of how unrealistic it is, especially with the flaps. So I flew this beast from Sydney to Johannesburg and did QF63. I really enjoyed the scenery on this flight which was pure blue ocean. I do post more pictures on my Instagram account which you can follow me @qantas094. So I hope y’all enjoy this picture.

image 13 hours and 10 minutes

image Noonish

image Sydney to Johannesburg | YSSY to FAOR

image The Queen of The Skies | Boeing 747-400

image Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (Qantas)

image Expert

Same as last time just mention me if you’ve used something.


Aah, yes. The beautiful queen with the lovely moon. What could be better?

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Nice angle moon shots

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@Mr-plane-guy1, Hmm, I don’t know in the aviation world but in real life I know what’s better. Starz or someone will probably mention it soon.

Starz enters the chat

Hmm, let’s see, my landings are totally better

I was reading this thread when you posted that lol


Gonna miss this queen when she’s gone :(

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What could be better? A rework.


Awesome picture. The 744 is the best. Even if the flaps are a bit unrealistic. :)

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lovely , I will miss the queens

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@Thomas, I think we all will

@Siddhansh and @Siddhansh, thank you.

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Loving the moonshot! Keep it up as always!

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Thanks mate.

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Great picture, I love moon shot photos! 🤤

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