The Queen of the Skies to Stormy Skies in Atlanta

Yesterday I went plane spotting in Atlanta. It started out as a sunny day but quickly the airport was surrounded by thunderstorms. To avoid the storms airplanes were turning right after takeoff and this proved an opportunity for some amazing shots!! I also had very good luck with heavies. I would appreciate hearing your feedback on my photos. Ok I’ll stop talking and let you see the photos.


they look a bit… grainy. Did they upload weird or smth?

I think so

Maybe they were taken with a cellphone

They weren’t
I’m having trouble uploading them

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5th photo might be a challenge @AvioesEJogos. Can you handle it? Dun dun dunnn.

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I just made some switches so it should be a little bit better



Addaboi you nailed it.

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lol (Text limit)

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Nice shots! They look a bit grainy, but the color and pics are still pretty nice. Love the 75 and the BA 787!

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The quality is because I cropped them and I’m going to be making some adjustments to them

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