The Quarantine Collection | May 24th 2020

Hi there. Today I bring forth a new set of screenshots, mainly taken during the last month or two. During this time frame I was able to explore a lot of the world and in particular, land at new airports. So with that being said, I hope you enjoy.

Thai MD-11 @ EBBR

Remarks: Lovely journey as we flew through deserts and mountains, with a nice classic twist. Please fly the MD-11 more, the A350 is too overrated :)

Queenstown Mountains @ New Zealand - NZQN

Aircraft: Jetstar A320
Remarks: Gorgeous and underrated scenery in the South Island of NZ. Also flew the 23 approach into Queenstown for the first time. Highly recommended route from one underrated airport to another

Turkish A321 @ LTAC

Remarks: Nice 3 hour flight crossing some of the Eastern European countries. Turkey is a beautiful country and ill be exploring more of it for sure.

S7 A319 @ UIAA

Remarks: Took the A319 on yet another Trans-Siberian flight. 5:46 this time to Chita, Russia. Nice sunrise arrival paired with a decent moon.

Turkish B739 @ Turkey ( to LTFM)

Remarks: Took the 737-900 on one of the longest narrow body flights in Turkish’s route network. Flight time of 7:38 (7:39 would’ve been better). Very nice sunrise as we approach Istanbul on one of their ludicrous STARs (you’ll know once you see them)

Turkish B739 @ Turkey ( to LTFM) #2

Route: see above
Remarks: Alright last TK pic. Once again the same flight as above but this time an overhead view of the terrain below. Crisp and clean, just the way I like it

Montreal tails @ CYUL

Remarks: Apart from the flight, Montreal was pretty much bustling with activity. Here are some wide bodies as they begin their flights to wherever they’re off to

British A320 @ LTBS

Remarks: Beautiful Dalaman, Turkey. Loved the nice sunset paired with the scenery on arrival. This A320 is pretty much glowing up front. Also fly out of Gatwick, not Heathrow, it’s better :)

Avianca A320 @ SKPE

Remarks: I saw some videos of the landing at SKPE, which is the city of Pereira, Colombia. The scenery is stunning and it was a very short hop from Bogota, like 25 minutes.

China Southern B788 @ Hong Kong (to ZGGG)

Remarks: Golden hour as we approach Guangzhou, China. Hey look it’s Kai Tak and there was a chance for the shot to be taken. One of my first times seeing HK from above, it’s beautiful.

Boom. That’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed these photos and maybe even try out some of the routes I listed for a change. Till next time…

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Lotta research here. Thanks for the time and effort. Very informative.
Regards, Max

BZ: IMG_1517


Amazing pictures! Especially the BA and Avianca one are really stunning. Thanks for sharing!

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Ohhhhhh! I love them sooo much :)