The pushback problem

Operating system:
I was trying to do another flight today(hong kong-munich) but that was cut short again because of the pushback problem, it keeps saying to disconnect all of the ground services even tho i already did. This is becoming a bit annoying now as i just want to do a flight. Matty.av

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I shared instructions and such with you yesterday? Not sure what this is about given that you claimed you’ve read it?

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I have read it tho as ive said i have followed them instructions and it is still coming up as a problem for me

Do you have engine autostart turned on in settings?

Nope i have nothing that is unrealistic on like the autostart

Hello, can you take a screen recording, and upload that to Google Drive or YouTube so we can see specifically what problem you’re having?

In IOS there is a default screen recorder, I’m not sure about other OS

Ok i dont screenshot these things but yes i will

And now its not doing idk its doing it time to time but its doing it now

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hmm… alright then. Problem solved for now, next time make sure to document it so it’s easier to get to the root of the issue.

Yes i will then i will do it on yt to show:)

In the meantime before it gets fixed, before doing your flight plan and what not, attempt to pushback to see if it works. If it does, proceed with the flight.

If it doesn’t work, restart the app and try again.

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Ok thanks lee:) btw love your vids

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Np and thank you! 🙂🙌

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