The Pucker Factor

Wweell… There’s an incrediable video going around the internet of Tanker 01, a BAe 146 fighting fires in Oregon, T-01 was on a drop when this took place, everyone and the aircraft is fine!


Wow, that was very close!


That’s close, scary! I’m just glad everyone’s ok.

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Wow, whare did you find that? I guess better question whare do you find all of this stuff before we do?

It’s been circulating over Facebook all morning, some one finally put it on the website I shared.

Easy - Always looking out for things

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Saw that video earlier, it’s easily the closest call I’ve ever seen. Had they been a few feet lower they would have been in the dirt.

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oh for sure - That was CLOSE lol

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Yeah this was nuts for sure. Saw it on Instagram


I saw it originally on a fire bomber group, that was close

@146flyer Any ideas?

Hats off to those guys ! I am definitely not cut out for a job like that. Crazyyyyyyyy! You can see the dust lift from it’s wake. Jeeeezzzzzz!

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@RotorGuy that’s oregon? Missoula has tankers just like that owned by Neptune aviation.

Yes it is! They’re on contract in Oregon - And yes It is a Neptune Tanker! T-01!

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