The Pro's and Con's of Flying

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So i was thinking why fly, why not fly. I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you think are the most important points but first here are mine.


  • Faster Than Road Or Rail
  • Very Safe (10 Million Commercial Passenger Flights in US Airspace in 2018 and 1 Fatality)
  • Relaxing (No need to be at the wheels of a car or changing trains etc)


  • Complicated (Bag Drop, Security, Boarding, Immigration, Bag Claim)
  • Expensive
  • Not Practical (There is usually only a few flights a day meaning you may have to wait hours to connect or from when you want to leave.)
  • Dependant (Being able to take off is dependant in many factors such as Weather, Obstructions (Drones), Noise Restrictions and lots more)

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There are pros and cons to everything. All modes of transportation have there strengths and weaknesses, all name a few.

  • Planes
    Fast, but carry limited amount of cargo, and expensive to operate at times, carrying less cargo per gallon of fuel spent.

  • Trains
    Slower, but are very efficient in terms of field consumption to cargo carried. (Fun fact: some modern engine can get from Miami to Seattle on 1 gallon of gas)

  • Trucks
    Trucks are slow, don’t carry s lot of cargo, but they are precise, you can drive a truck basically anywhere that has a road, where planes and trains can’t go.


When you are in the UK which is better becomes extremely obvious. There are very few domestic flights, as the country is fairly small, and even when there is a flight because you have to be there 2 hours earlier its often slower, and you have to hire a car or take a taxi when you get there. If you are leaving Great Britain (Going over the sea), a plane is often better because the ferries are slow and it’s a long drive.


Well, living in a place like New Zealand, one con of flying is you really miss out on the beautiful scenery. When me and my family were deciding whether we should drive the 7 hour trip to Auckland or take the 40 minute flight, both my parents preferred the drive because of the amazing views you miss out on the planes. (I tried to persuade them to take a flight for obvious reasons but the short travel time wasn’t enough to convince them)


In most cases yes, but sometimes no. For example, me and my family were seeing the price difference between flying and driving to Auckland. We actually found that flying was cheaper. Per person, a ticket was 48 dollars return, about 144 for all of us. The fuel consumption on the other hand was 200 dollars both ways. Budget airlines are making flying cheaper and more accessible to the majority of public, and continue to find ways to cut down costs.

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• Most efficient way of transportation in my opinion is definitely flying. We can be on one end of the Earth one day to the next end within a day or less.
• Endless destinations & New tourist attractions for us to discover!
• Who could forget the First Class Lounges in the terminal & on the plane itself ;)


• Delays are frustrating. We understand there may be a few mishaps during flight procedures and humans make mistakes, however if we do our best to get there hours prior to our flight, it’s only right the airline shows a little effort to be time-efficient.
• Babies. During a movie, we have to keep our phones on silence. How about keeping your baby on silence during a flight? I cannot believe that a baby screamed an entire 5 hour flight… How…?
• Flight Attendants. Not all, but just the snappy ones. Please do not have an attitude with me because I asked you about a delay or simply when you see my phone out during climb. I’ll abide by your orders because I make mistakes as well but I think all just want to have a good day without any arguments or altercations :^)


Yeah but that is quite expensive whereas First Class on a Train say is quite cheap.

For long haul though flying is probabaly the only option. I am not driving to Australia i’ll take a flight.

I feel like you might of contradicted yourself XD



It’s fun how nobody has come up with the environmental issue of flying yet. As much as I love flying, a few things have to change in the future. We’re going in the right direction, but we’re far away from the destination.


People complain about everything, I know flying is bad for mother nature. But look it at this way. Would you like to sit 6 days on a boat or 8 hours on a plane. Planes are getting super efficient and I believe in 10/15 years there wil be commercial electric aircraft. 🙂


Yeah i suppose. I more meant during the journey.

Yeah, it is an environmental issue but as as said after you its game changing in the fact that we are taking hours not days to travel now. Its a side affect we have to cope with even though we are working to improve it. Just like medicine has side effects but the positives of it curing you are overwhelming.

Living in Europe personally I prefer the train for transport when it comes to 1-2 hour flights - especially across Western Europe. In most of well developed Asia this is also the case - taking the train is just so much easier and efficient.

But then looking at other continents, most notably the United States, where high-speed rail links are virtually nonexistent, flying is usually the only way for these 1-2 hour flights. They’re an excellent solution for countries where the infrastructure is not as developed.


Pro: If and when you hit a high status you enjoy more perks and the overall experience is better (not super, but better). Better seats, free drinks and food, etc. I happen to prefer United and my advice is to stick with one airline if possible so you strengthen your chances of achieving status. If you don’t fly a lot, then it really doesn’t matter.

Con: #1 for me is that I am away from my family too often as my business necessitates air travel.


Long haul and international travel flying wins long haul in moving people ( want to move large heavy items then sea is best! ;-) ).

Shorter haul it sometimes can be easier by road or rail. Below vid is a race from Exeter to London by Rail, Road and Air. However bare in mind it was filmed as an add for an airline so might be a little bit biased!

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