The Proper Way to Pushback?

So at most gates, pushing back is pretty straightforward - back 90 degrees, on the taxiway, facing the expected runway. However in certain gates like the one shown below in KSFO, which is the right way to push and taxi? The red or the green line?

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Hmmmm very easy but complex at the same time
I say Green

To be honest I wouldn’t consider either of these methods to be improper for infinite flight. It really depends on how the airport runs their operations but if it were me I would probably follow the red. Pushback should be performed such that it does not hinder anyone else’s experience so just be aware of your surroundings and go from there

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Here you go:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Either
  • Neither

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Generally I’d want to see you use the alcove, as that keeps you from blocking what could be someone’s path on the taxiway. (I’m sure someone who lives in San Francisco will jump all over me, but I’ll have to take that chance.)

At other airports with similar alcoves, I know they pushback into them rather than all the way out. I’m sure there’s exceptions at someone’s airport every other Tuesday and all that, but I’d still use the alcove, as it’s a shorter distance (thus, time) and keeps you away from the taxiway until you’re ready to move. (As a controller, it’s very anxious times whenever someone takes the long way because you just know one of the people waiting is going to re-request because you “forgot” about them. [And, yes, that was just an excuse to get in there that we don’t forget about you.])


Thanks for the help, I was leaning towards that way too! It just doesn’t match with the taxiway lines so I had a little self doubt.

Yeah, I can see that, I kind of thought about that, too. But I think those are more for taxiing into the gate.

Just for comparison, I went to a gate where I’ve actually been IRL and know they back into the alcove, and the taxi lines are similar. (Gate A3 @ KBOS)

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You predicted it!

I won’t “jump all over you,” but I will say this:

At San Francisco, there are many gates that are tightly packed (mostly at the G concourse), so when aircraft pushback, they are more often than not towed forward. For example, the aircraft would push straight back, and be towed forward to line up with the taxiway. In Infinite Flight, we don’t have tows yet. So the other option is just push onto the taxiway nearest, DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY BACK, as this would cause traffic jams for other aircraft that need to complete their taxi to the gate as that is the taxiway a lot of them use after arriving from Runway(s) 28L(R.)

The line closest to you would be the best. Just push into the alleyway and not the main taxiway.

The taxi line in the middle is probably reserved for a much larger aircraft so there’s enough clearance between the gate area and the taxiway. Smaller aircraft would not be able to push or taxi until this larger aircraft clears out of the alleyway.

The line furthest from you could also be possibility if an aircraft is occupying the line closest to you. This would mainly be used for aircraft at the other terminal though.

I’m not an expert, but from looking at FR24 a bunch, some aircraft can push back on the main taxiway if there is not enough adequate space on the taxiway (i.e. other planes, “building” is too close). Wouldn’t recommend that though as you’ll hold up others behind you. If it’s quiet, go for it.

I work for Delta as a ramper at KMSN, and I can provide a little insight here.
Both lines are correct.
Pushback varies depending on the situation.
If I know the pilots are using runway 36 instead of 18 I will push back so the nose is facing 36.
If I’m pushing back for deicing I’m going to push the plane in a direction where the deicers won’t get blasted in the face with fluid.

Please ask if you have any further questions


Another way is straight back. This is used at KMEM at the swa gate.


It varies by airport. Just look at videos on YouTube and airport charts :)

I found this tutorial was also helpful!


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