The Progress at KPDX

SLC is getting a much needed renovation too, pretty excited to see PDX getting one too but I have to agree with USA by saying I do not like those carpets

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I don’t know. By comparison I agree. But hey, we still have the old one for sale.

I love KPDX and im excited to see whats to come with it. They do need to expand the south security checkpoint. Its to small IMO. I wish i lived in Oregon and called this airport my home airport. But I like DEN too.

Sure I live aways from KPDX, but it’s the closest non pure regional airport to me.

Do you know what airlines are going be based at that terminal

I would assume it would be united regional. I have also heard rumors Concourse a is going to be remodeled and Horizon will take the new extension

Nice thanks

Completely agree… the carpet just throws me off not going to lie.


I would roll with that.

I flew into KPDX last summer on a Delta A321 from Minneapolis St. Paul Intl Airport. Wonderful facility!

Bumping as this recently came out.

It adds some detail into the progress of the new terminal! Really great stuff!

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