The Progress at KPDX

Hey Everyone. So I just want to give you guys a little spectacle at the renovations to KPDX.

To put it bluntly, we are getting a new terminal.

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These new terminals are going to bring new airlines and aircraft to KPDX. The terminal has already begun to have its walls filled. The terminal is costing over 1.3 Billion Dollars (USD).


The terminal is set to bring a new style and architecture to KPDX. And yes, it will have the carpet.

If you have any input or updates for the new terminal, do not hesitate to comment them below. I am super stoked on what is to come.

How excited are you for the new terminal?

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Well, @Mattheus that’s nice to hear.

I live in Portland, OR too and am super excited!!!


Mmmm… across the country

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Take this to PM?

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Looks nice, but it seems this is the new “trend” for airport design. LAX is doing something very similar, so are a few other airports across the nation

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For some reason the design doesn’t appeal to me much at all, in fact, it feels very small, along with the colors inside feeling weird, I would love to see them put more curves into the design and big windows no split up by those bars.


I live in Portland too, and I’m pretty curious (as I’ve somehow never heard anything about this). Is there a link where I can find more details?

Yep I my hometown airport is getting a terminal expansion the airline operating out of it is United Airlines

Looks good, but putting carpet in there is nice in theory but I don’t think it’s a very good idea…

I’m flying out of KPDX in a couple of weeks and I’ll try to take pictures and share them with you all

I work at PDX on the ramp for Alaska and it’s fun to watch the progress.


I’ve never flown to Portland, but it’s a good thing to hear. Did you KSEA is getting a whole renovation including the north satellite terminal?

I am excited for any new terminal! This looks like it is going to be great! :)

It’s not just regular carpet, its the Carpet.


Wikipedia has an article dedicated to it.

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Want to meet up?

Welcome btw to IFC!

And this looks amazing. Nice to see another airport being redone.

Interesting that the Magic Carpet is coming back. Why that choice after retiring it a few years ago?

Its not. They are putting the new carpet in. The KPDX carpet is great no matter which version it is.

Im sorry but that planned carpeting it tackier than the carpets at MCO, which are the right amount of tacky that they made socks out of them like the old carpets for PDX. But those new carpets look hideous not tacky like the current ones.