The Progress at KPDX, Continued (KPDX Next) (Tracking Thread)

Now if they only didn’t make the AA passengers coming in from Phoenix walk so far from gate C19.

Umm, what?

Anyways I hope all goes well over there.

AA is repositioning their gates, so that most likely will not be a problem anymore.

Just in time!

Even more news! Incheon Airport has sign an MOU with KPDX for a possible route expansion to Korea! New international routes are popping up for the fast growing airport. It is unknown if the route will become a thing soon and which airline will serve it. (I am praying Korean does. Not Delta, because it is quite annoying barely having any international airlines)


Beautiful picture I see that port every morning

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Thanks! I did not take it, but I may add my own in.

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I love it because I live on the approach pattern to RWY 28L and 28R

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Yesterday, November 13, 2019, was the last day of Concourse A’s operation. The last flight to operate out of Concourse A was Alaska (Skywest) 3368. The flight was operated by N195SY out of Gate A3. Now, the Concourse is closed and will be demolished. 😔

N195SY came up to PDX from SJC as AS3371! 😃

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There’s rumors circulating there will supposedly be an international announcement on Tuesday.

If true, I’m speculating it could be British Airways to London, Japan Airlines/ZIPAIR to Tokyo, or Korean Air to Seoul.

Just a rumor…

Honestly, I’d take any international flight right now. We already have Delta flights to London and Tokyo, but I really would love to see a flight to Korea. Guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.


@TaipeiGuru You got your wish.

As it says, British Airways has finally announced service directly to London Heathrow from KPDX! Big wow moment as we actually now will get 787s on a regular basis!

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We also have delta to Amsterdam

So I was at PDX tonight to pick up family. I tried to take a picture of the new terminal, but it wasn’t the best.

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5hrs ago I was plane spotting on the road along RWY28R

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Jet Suite X is also hitting us up! Might be booking a flight to KBFI soon!

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Either way, the terminal looks pretty cool!

@Mattheus, nice to see, now go get Flyin’!

Just some fun snippets of the people who care for our carpets.

Also, new information on the new concourse!

Note: Also, Chris. I wish for this thread to stay up, even though it is a tracking thread, this explores some of the smaller topics on PDX that do not warrant their own threads. With all do respect.


Well me. You were wrong. JSX has apparently canceled all PDX service and pulled it from their website.

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