The procedures of ZSQD are not correct

The procedures of the new ZSQD(Qingdao Jiaodong International airport) are wrong, the existing procedures are still related to the former Qingdao Liuting international airport which was already closed.Hope your team will fix this error.

Hey there!

Infinite Flight sources its navigation data through NavBlue, a third party company. They are owned by Airbus. These are out of the hands of the developers and really depends on what is given to NavBlue from the Chinese aviation commission. At the same time, it has to be noted that Infinite Flight only updates their navigation once a month when navigation and airport updates are shipped. It is entirely possible that the procedure that you might be looking to use is either outdated, or there are changes that have yet to be introduced, which will come into effect whenever the navigation database is next updated.

I completely understand your grievances, and I too hope that there are some more accurate procedures that hopefully may come in the future. Until then, the best we could do is hang in there and work with what we’ve got.


Hey, while they aren’t updated yet, a user created them by hand, so maybe you can use his version meanwhile

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OK, I got it, thanks brother!

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