The Problem with Qantas's Perth to London Route.

Then until employees speak about how they feel, nothing can be sure.

From what I’ve heard (dads mate who lives in Aus) Australian unions are pretty loud and like to complain.

They even try force employees into unions.

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I mean, US airlines have certain patterns on domestic flights which has about 8 hours of rest on overnight stops after a 10-13 hour workday with 3-4 legs. 25 hours isn’t that bad. Sure, there is no time for the crew to sightsee, but not a safety concern.


Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude if that is the way it came off. I just thought some of those statistics to compare was interesting.

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17 strait hours is too much. I don’t know if they have two crews, if not, it’s too much.

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Unfortunately in today’s world many people don’t see things they way they are. 😞

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they have extra crew on board

Then, it’s hard, but feasible.

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