The problem with corrupted replay continues

The moment I painted the image, I could hear the sound of the APU and all the communication from the other aircraft, but the image is on the loading screen and the replay never comes.

Before the replay carried some percentage and stuck, now it already stuck on the loading screen, but with the sound of the audible replay.

(Problems with internet connection are ruled out).

Can you give me a solution? It is completing 4 months since I reported this problem for the first time and I don’t want to be without flight replays.

In the printed image I was trying to load the replay of my last flight.

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Try restarting IF

Try loading the replay again

Try uninstalling the app then re install it

give the replay some time to load

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This would delete the replay…


True, but that might fix the problem for other ones

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What I do when that happens to me is setting graphics as lowest as possible and then the replay runs for me

And then when I’m in the replay I put them in High again

This seems like a loading issue…not a corrupt replay.

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This happens from time to time. A simple IF restart or device restart usually solves the issue.

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Hello @Chris_S The problem persists, as I had previously reported the problem of corrupted replays … now the problem is in the loading.

I just finished a flight and the problem persists, this must already be the 5th or 6th flight followed with this problem.

I’ve done everything suggested above, except uninstalling the IF.

No beacause they would be deleted aswell

Unless he backs up the replays to Google Drive or somewhere else, upon reinstalling, they will all get deleted with no way to recover them.

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I would back up any replays you don’t want to lose and uninstall and reinstall.

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no no, I mean after you re install when you do more flights AFTER, that might help

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Ok @Chris_S Now it’s official, I uninstalled and installed it and now there are 7 replays in a row that don’t load. Sad.

What happens if you do a flight on casual server? Does the same thing happen?

How do you have 7 replays after uninstalling? Did you back them up first and restore?

Can you PM me one of the replays and let me see if I can load it?

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So @Chris_S I didn’t save any replay before reinstalling. But here’s how curious: After reinstallation, I had three replays of short flights that didn’t load. And it had 1 long flight that it loaded normally. It is very curious and confusing.

Uninstalling erases your replays. Period. Where did the three replays come from. Were they from something earlier you saved off?

If you do a flight right now on your newly installed IF and then you try to watch the replay, what happens?

Can you PM me one of the replays please?

All flights that I mentioned in the last message were made after the reinstallation. So there is no old flight. Even so, I will send a replay on your PM that did not load after reinstallation. @Chris_S

Im having a similar issue where it is stuck on loading replay. I already backed up, deleted the app, reinstalled and re-inported everything but it still seems to be the same

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