The problem of the maximum amount of fuel on the A330-300

People tell me why the maximum fuel capacity on the A330-300 in real life is about 139 tons, but on the 21.4 version of Infinite Flight, it is only about 85 tons? Is this a feature or a minor bug? Please let me know 😅

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Seems like you’re looking at 2 different systems of measure. The photograph on top measures the weight of the fuel in kilograms. That’s 85,400 kilograms.

The photograph on the bottom measures the capacity, or the amount of fuel that can be held, in liters. That’s 139,090 liters


Liters is volume and kilograms is mass, the only case these are the same is water, but not with fuel


can i fly from EGLL - VVTS (12hrs) with a330?

Yeah you should be fine on a 12 hour flight


Yes, with fuel left to spare.

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Still too less if I am not mistaken. I used a conversion calculator and apparently 139,090 liters should translate to 114,000kgs. The site used Kerosene at 60 °F and a density of 817.15 kg/m³.


Thanks everyone very much 😅😅❤️❤️

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Yes, so essentially assuming that the fuel is kerosene the math would look like this:

1 liter of kerosene weighs 0.817 kilogram .

139 090 * 0.817 = 113 636 kg

This still wouldn’t add up.

Edit: didn’t see someone already did the math lol

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That means Kerosene is 81.7% the weight of water as there is 1000kg of water per cubic meter (1kg per liter). Which makes sense that it floats on water.

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Yeah? What are you implying?

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Nothing. Sorry it was off topic, I just thought it was interesting, and hadn’t thought about it before.

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Just fixed now, restart the app to get the 109,185 kg (240,712 lb) fuel capacity.

Be advised that with full fuel the A330 is ~4T away from MTOW, so not a lot of margin for much.


Thank you very much :D

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You’re welcome


I see that someone changes the max pax count to 440 as well :D


I did A 15 hour flight today JFK-Mumbai in the Jet Airways A330,took A bit less then max fuel and landed with A bit left,so you should be totally fine!😉

Yes, it’s been updated :)


Hey Laura, glad to see that you’re taking users recommendation and making changes according to them,IF and it’s staff is amazing!😆


One more thing if it’s not too much to ask, in IF the fuel flow on the A333 is 4600 kg/h, but there is official data that says it’s about 5700 kg/h, correct me if i’m wrong, thanks :)