The problem hasn't gone away: App consistently crash on Descend-Landing phase

hello, I have a problem like before, the program crashes when descend until it is on final. Previously this problem did not occur in the early days after I bought a subscription yesterday.

And what’s unique is, after a crash and I’m on the front menu page, I get this notification.

Step that i have done:

  • Turning all graphics settings to Low
  • Restarted device before flight
  • 0% brightness
  • Clearing RAM
  • and all the main suggestions that have been suggested I’ve done it


Can you please fix the bug again in this issue in the next update? I think this problem has been resolved in the 20.1 update, but it hasn’t.
Sorry I was annoyed enough with this on my device. If this continues until my subscription runs out (1 month). Please close my subscription account and ask for money back!

Sorry, I’ve never been this harsh before here


Which device do you have?

The problem of repeated crashes across most IOS devices was fixed in 20.1. However depending on your device you will still experience them from time to time.

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I see, so is this a problem especially on iOS ? OK, I’m using Android OS 8 device Vivo Y93 Mediatek-6762R processor 3GB RAM purchase year 2018 December 22.

And pardon me what does from time to time u mean ?


Hmmm…the amount of RAM seems fine - the crashing may be linked to the fact that you are only on Android 8 - the Y93 doesn’t support Android 9/10. Could a mod confirm?

From time to time means occasionally…


this invites my curiosity. Well, I will wait for this explanation with mods, this really makes me curious… wasn’t previously the minimum OS android 5/6 for this game?

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As long as you’re on Android 6, it should be fine.

We don’t have any specific crash issues on going right now though.
Looking at your account, this has only happened in the last 2 flights you’ve made? The others looks like they’ve been completed :)


Yes thats correct. Please allow me to explain:

  1. This morning (Indonesian time) at 7am I flew to KOAK from KSNA - an flyout event. And this landing failed due to a game crash when entering the ILS glidepath

  2. secondly, before I made this topic, I was descending towards the 10000ft (around that) RJCC route - RJGG game crash for the second. Since yesterday I flew in Japan a bit laggy.


So, may I ask for an approximate conclusion what the problem is? (just an estimate?) And what should i do?

May I ask what you have your airplane count set to?

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@BennyBoy : Since i brought the subs. About a weeks ago and until i make this topic. My Airplane count set to High and wait!! I haven’t experience the crash.

Even though you say it didn’t crash for a while after you set it to High, I recommend putting it to Low

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Yes, will do that on the next flight. But wait, what if I’m flying in the airspace far away from other aircraft does it still affect me?

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Setting your airplane count to Low I believe means you won’t see the plane until you are close to it.

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Okay. Sure. I will do and trying with airplane count set low on flight with 1 - 1,5 hrs total travel time. I dont know why the crash it is mostly happen at this duration. Whilst, if i do 4-6 hrs as total travel time we’re no crash.

…Still waiting for @schyllberg explanation :)


The issue here could be a number of reasons.
Two in a rather short time could indicate something else though…

Have you received any system updates or similar recently?

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Does it crash when u set vnav altitude for waypoints??

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Last system update received about a few weeks or months ago (i think)… Any idea

@Abhay_singh , I used to set ILS as NAV1 and it was still out of reach, then the game crashed. answered according to your question, No. I have never crashed for an LNAV or LNAV set. is that what you mean?


This also happened to me two times.


What type of device are you using @Alex_Kraz? Apple - Android & what software generation

Just so we can rule out if it is just on android products or the software gen.


Edit: me personally I have flown many of flights since the last update with VNAV ect and I have flown with no crashing and or issues.

Apple iPad Pro 1st gen (latest software)


Device: Galaxy Tab S2 (2015), with Android 6 and 3GB of RAM.


same Software gen and Android