The Power of Backspace


Thank you for saying this! Seeing things like “xxxx but idk though” “I don’t know try xxxx” really irks me. That’s why you’ll never see me commenting on the support category. Also really annoys me when someone who has absolutely no idea what their talking about confidently gives an answer that is blatantly wrong when they could’ve done a simple Google search.


Also, people just typing something that’s not even relevant to the topic just to be first.


This thread is hilarious. Not so because it’s way off target, (actually nailed it square on the head), but in the manner so many of the responses here illustrate precisely the subject at hand.

The problem here, (in my opinion and/or I feel like), isn’t so much the members of the forum. The vast majority of people here seem to have a good heart and respect for their fellow man, (or woman or gender neutral or whatever).

The wrench in the gears as I see it is the heiarchy system that’s in place; so many folks are trying so hard to reach that “next” level of “responsibility”, they often choose volume over substance. I get it. I do. It’s human nature I suppose; the desire to get the the top as fast as possible. I often see this in the younger generations of aviation enthusiasts here. You’ll be happy to know, (or not care at all), I give you a pass because you don’t know any better yet. Yes you. You know who you are.

The solution to all of this isn’t going to present itself to those who would be in charge of implementing it any time soon I imagine. Like I said, it’s just human nature.

That’s my two cent opinion. And FYI, it’s worth less than that.


Yeah exactly. It leads to us seeing the same people posting the same Messages over and over again.


The Power of Backspace”… Nah!

The Power of Panda’s Words… Yea!! 😎

I don’t know, but… I couldn’t agree less with you Panda, the words you’ve put out there should be reflected upon everyone and taken into deep consideration, including me. Take a moment people and think about it for some time to soak it all in. Panda’s words have some real power behind them, and they really gives us all a lesson to take, and for some of us it’ll be lesson to be taught after being one of those who made these mistakes, but don’t worry, that’s why we as a community are trying to help you to understand and make more constructive and productive posts to better improve both yourself, you writing skills to assist people in the best possible way, with the correct sentences used. For the others who’ve never done these mistakes, you take a lesson with you too, to try and avoid doing what others have done. You learn from others faults and your own. That way both groups grow stronger!

Let me tell you, that even as a Regular have done many mistakes, and still probably are doing many of them right now, but learning as time goes by, this year I’ve been taught a lot by many of our amazing forum members, with diverse knowledge about anything and everything, teaching me things I never knew. I was there, often repeating what others had said, learned quickly not to do it but happened to redo it again months later, and then again, and now, I’ve learned what to not do. So as you make mistakes, big or small, as time goes on, you learn and grow from them, and that goes for anything in life. I know that what Panda has said in his post here will change you way of communicating, both here in IFC, but also outside, in school, at work, when writing essays and whatnot, also during conversations talking to people. Improve you way of using words and expressions and you’ll be one a master of writing and talking. Linguistics 😁


I totally agree…😂😂😂


This is something I think that we all struggle with. As @Sean_Hartland pointed out, it is human nature to want to be number one, whether it be the first to get a solution on a #support topic or be the first to correct someone on their posts category. In fact, this has been so well emphasized in this thread, the only thing I can really add here is this lovely acronym I learned a long time ago. I want to encourage you to all keep this in mind for every post you post ;)



I can assure that the 1/4 of my intention to post absolutely something constructive are sold by a cancel of the post. I learned to refrain from making a post in every thread I read. I only post when I am sure that I can add something into the thread discussion. And I try to not posting things that have been already said, it’s unnecessary to me and I directly prefer to like that post than write one.

In other words, I have also learned to telling myself about every post. I try to make the satisfied post that could be appreciated by every user that will read it.

Finally, I can also making good posts by thinking that this is the kind of post that will be liked by some users. I don’t post for likes (never, even if I know that posting a good picture in best if photos thread will have likes), I post because I love this community and I like the way everyone is sharing the same passion for aviation, with interesting debates and discussions, and events !