The Power of Backspace

Recently I’ve seen a new trend on the forum. What is normally a haven for positive and constructive discussion is turning into the same, few people saying the same things, in the same way. I’m not going to name people, nor am I trying to make people feel poorly about themselves, rather, I want to make the forum better for everyone using it.

In the end, we need to share each other’s opinions, and value each others’ to make this a successful exchange of information, but it won’t work when we see the same group of people that need to get their names in every thread. If your name is not in a thread, I promise, it is not the end of the world. Life will still go on. If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t post about it. It just disrupts the flow of conversation between those who can answer the question.

Trust me, I used to be one of those people, flying about the forum with glee, commenting on every support topic telling people to restart their device, or reinstall the application. I figured it out though, if there isn’t anything I can be contributing to the topic further than that, then I probably should not comment. This is especially important on support topics because that is the main way by which the forum gets new members, and receiving this advice alone may lead them to have a negative experience.

If you are going to post something, remember the power of the backspace key. You don’t have to say anything, especially if the answer is not known to you yourself. If your comment is starting off with the following phrases, it’s probably not a good idea to post it.

I think…

I don’t know, but…

Not to be off topic…

Your backspace key can be the difference between getting called out, or saying something incorrect. If you don’t know the answer to a question, utilize it. Better yet, don’t even hit the reply button. Obviously, if your post pertains to the conversation and holds constructive value, then everyone would love to see it. It just seems as though we’re straying further from the diversity in backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, etc. that this forum has the potential to have. We want to hear everyone’s opinion or solution, so let them express themselves too.


Agreed. Also don’t hesitate to ask a question though, nobody will call you out on it.


Yes! There aren’t stupid questions, everyone should be able to ask them and get a complete and correct answer :)


Totally agreed! Always think before you click the reply button.


Agreed! We have seen a lot of this recently, and hopefully it changes soon.

I know everyone that does this is just trying to help other people out but this can cause confusion for new users, especially as @BluePanda900 mentioned in support topics. :)

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Great topic, Panda. Sheds light on small things that can make this place even better!
I have seen some of this going on, people who comment on every single thread and every topic just to get their name in there, even if they don’t contribute or know the answer. Hopefully we see this activity stop or diminish soon, as it doesn’t benefit anyone.
Thanks for bringing this up!


Panda is right on! I’ve seen so many comments on many topics like support where the op used 0 common sense or is just saying something useless. This happens on Slack for VA’s as well based on my experience.

The fact that some poeple ist have to say something useless on every single topic is annoying and non beneficial. I hope that stuff just goes Poof! And is gone


Too true. I feel so many people repeat what the person above has already said, in an effort to get a regular status.

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I have seen this a lot recently by people that are just trying to get regular. Ironically, I feel the same right now commenting on this thread, but nevertheless, great post Sir. Panda!


Not to be off topic…

Nah, I’m just kidding. I completely agree. Think before you say! If it’s not relevant to the discussion, then there’s no need to post it.


I think… I agree with you lol an amazing life lesson just don’t talk and it’ll save you a headache with dealing with people lol


Does this remind anyone of those people in the amazon questions section;

Question: What is the dimensions of the stuffed polar bear?

Awnser: I dont know, I ordered the product as a gift, and have not opened it yet.

I mean much time must one have on there hands to reply that they literally have never seen the product… 😂

Anyways, I think this is a good reminder since (esspecualy when I was newer) I was a perpetrator of this very thing, and I think it’s always good to let people know! Thanks @BluePanda900!


Another one that bothers me is “this topic should be in #xxx category”. People, if you’re not a regular or a moderator, you don’t need to worry about it. If the topic does need to be changed to a different category, a regular or mod will move it when they notice it. Telling the OP to change the category has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation and doesn’t contribute to it either.


Am I actually in agreement with Panda for once? And the title though…

I’m just being annoying haha. I very much agree with the points made up here. I have seen tons of members and even regulars say the same exact thing in every support topic. I’m am not going to lie, I am very much guilty of this. I have attempted to back away from support topics unless I really do know the answer to the issue. If you just comment “restart your device” on all topics, you are not helping yourself nor anyone else. Unless you really know the solution, then do not comment. Also please do not repeat something already said in the topic nor do not add to your post to make yourself look better. If someone else has said something that is correct, then let them get the solution. That is my mini rant. Great post.


I was going to put this in but when I saw you typing, I knew you were going to put this in. If I made add another thing, please do not PM a regular and attempting to create an argument about what category a certain topic should be in. Personally, when someone does that to me, I will not respond. One last thing, please do not type “A mod can close this now” There is a handy dandy flag button right under the main topic for you to flay the topic to be closed. Just select Otherand type “Close.”


I either get these replies or don’t receive help at all on few of my support threads because people/regulars ask me to record a video. Obviously everyone would’ve done the above before making a support thread (at least those who’ve thoroughly read guidelines). But seriously, asking someone to record a video is like asking someone for something which they don’t have. No video = No help/Don’t care? Is that how it is? That’s one of the reasons why I won’t continue with live.

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It is a public forum and there are a thousand others saying the same thing that you are on a thousand other forums around the world. :). Got to love us human beings.


So much for thinking outside the box, and being unique.

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I agree, it’s a very smart opinion.

my backspace key doesnt work

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