The possibility of collision with each other

If we want realism, so why not add this opportunity? :D This will make players more careful in their movement, and will make the server more interesting, especially casual server. For there really have to survive :D

What if someone is just trolling though.


This situation is ordinary for casual server. I believe that this opportunity should be given quite a few penalties from both the players and the server itself.

Maybe it could be made as if you crash and need to restart if you collide. Idk people will still troll

You’re not meant to be given any punishments on casual.

Let me clear about it. In such cases, if the player notices after the restart, or standing aside, that the oncoming player does this not by accident, but with the mockery. Then the neighboring players, and the victim of such an incident, can make complaints about the perpetrator, and his minimum should be blocked from access to the airport by players who are beaten, or banned for a certain period of time. Such an idea should have a radical way of solving problems

they crash and burn as well

I will agree with the fact that it is going to improve realism, because in real life, if you crash, well, you crash.

However, just as said above, there are always pilots who love screw things up and intentionally collide with other aircrafts, and you can’t ban them, even expert server’s pilots do this as well, when there are no ATC, they won’t even get any punishments.

Therefore prior to this feature being introuduced to Infinite Flight, I believe a stronger punishment system should be implemented. Don’t know what you all think…

if this is implemented it needs to be implemented on just the expert server

So, you know what i can say. For this idea must be created tougher sentences

Please take it with understanding, in no way am I trying to offend anyone’s interests. Even if you do not find a solution to the problem with trolling, with this opportunity. So, this may force players not to sit on the same places, but travel more, and learn more about the airports visited. In no case do I offend anyone’s interests

Now this is what I’m talkin about. Was gonna make a feature request for this but you beat me to it. I’ll free up a vote for you.

The possibility of collision in IF (of course, OUTSIDE CS) will:

  • Teach us the concept of CONSEQUENCES, which leads to a lot of good things for users.
  • Also puts us into a deeper level of perspective and better instinct to not repeat game stupidity in real life lol! :D
Let trolls be trolls. Let any single collision damages both with a crash exit (optional read).

Then dealing with it:

A special Report button on crash screen.
IFNTSB team (kinda like IFATC, I’ll gladly volunteer as I love this stuff!) would then check the replay, ATC will get interviewed if available. If it is pure accident then nothing is done, if it was due to persistent trolling the victim will get compensated ON THE EXPENSE OF THE TROLL’S.

What kind of penalty I have no idea yet. Maybe 1 day or 1 hour of their subscription goes to the victim? Hence non-pro users won’t have collision though.


maybe only on expert level. Because otherwise people will start trolling.

People have been making requests for this feature for years and it never catches on because there’s just way too many factors that could cause a crash. Something as simple as a wifi connection going going down for a few seconds could lead to crashes for two people. Isn’t very practical for multiplayer.

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Not so sure I agree/like the idea of this. It can be used as more of a troll than anything and be heavily abused ruining the experience for someone else. It would really suck to come back to your device after say a 6 hour flight to see someone intentionally crashed into you and your flight is discontinued thanks to that. In my opinion I think it would end up like the former working report button which was heavily abused. I don’t think this system would serve its purpose in the way your intending it to be. It would be chaotic and heart breaking when your long haul gets suddenly ended. Sorry, but I’m out.

No thanks. Imagine you’re on a long haul, or ultra-long haul where you’re away from your device for hours. There’s a possibility of colliding with traffic that’s headed the opposite direction, unintentionally. Thus rendering your hours of time useless.

It’s a great idea but the trolls will ruin it