The Portuguese Ocean Hop

Howdy IFC!

Yesterday, I flew from a two countries that love football/soccer!

This is kinda important

Aircraft: A339
Livery: TAP
Server: Expert

Parked in the beautiful city of Porto!

Taxiing with a Hi Fly A339 in the background

Off to São Paulo!

Flying near the island of La Palma!

Gotta love this winglet.

🇵🇹 🌝

Welcome to South America!

Decending into São Paulo

A smooth touchdown.

Parked at the gate.

What’s your favorite photo?
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Thanks for viewing. Have a great day/night.

I wonder which country would win in a soccer game


First of all, thanks for landing on 09R
Second place, what terminal did you park at

Just joking, really nice shots you got there

As for this, right now it’d probably Portugal honestly
A few years ago, tho, Brazil would’ve made it quite easily

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Good thing you didn’t have an engine failure because of the ash from the volcano lol

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Hey nice photos when was these photos took ? I think i’m the Hifly A339

What isn’t to love about that Neo Winglet 😍