The Porto Fly-Out!

turns out I actually can join, so I’ll reclaim this

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You’re signed back up

Just less than 2 weeks! Let’s get some more sign-ups!

I can make this event!

Please can I take this one?😃

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Great to hear! You’re signed up

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I’m pleased to announce that @TAPVirtual will be sponsoring this event!
Make sure to check out their thread here!


Part of TAP VA


Part of @TAPVirtual

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Part of TAP virtual


Can you change my destination to Lisbon?

can I take this, but change to Jet2?

@MANDELA i can no longer attend

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No worries

I’ll take this.

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Jet2 dont fly to Gran Canaria from Porto

@Mandela, are you ignoring this?

He probably just didn’t see iy

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But jet2 dont fly from porto to gran canaria…

Thats if u wanna maintain realism

@Apple_Haye You’re signed up
@DJW Sorry, I didn’t see that, but for realism purposes, could you maybe use the original livery?