The Portland Hillsboro GA Flyout 10MAR24

Welcome to Portland Hillsboro Flyout hosted by @Prestoni! Hillsboro AKA the Silicon Forest, is a city located just outside of the city of Portland. Hillsboro is the 6th largest city in the state of Oregon, and is known for its craft breweries, beautiful nature hikes and overall stunning nature. Hillsboro airport, KHIO is the second busiest airport in Oregon, and is the 6th most popular GA airport in the USA! Come join me on this awesome flyout!

Server: Expert
Time: 2024-03-10T17:00:00Z
Airport: Portland Hillsboro. KHIO
Please spawn 15 minutes before event time!

Airport Chart

File:HIO - FAA diagram 2013.png

Global Aviation
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 CL35 Fort Collins
2 CL35 Seattle @DJW
3 CL35 Las Vegas @RJPlayZ
4 CL35 Driggs @United403
Premier Jets
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 CL35 San Diego @anon87523340
2 CL35 Honolulu @Ben_Walsh
3 CL35 Aspen @Mort
Aero Air
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Apron 1 TBM-930 Brookings @OV-099
Apron 2 TBM-930 Medford
Apron 3 TBM-930 Boeing Field @American367
Hangar 1 TBM-930 Redmond @Topgottem
Hangar 2 TBM-930 North Bend @Prestoni
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Hillsboro Aviation Hangar 1 737 Calgary @MPH258
Northwest Hangar A320 Vancouver @THEREALBKG
Hangar 53 A318 Las Vegas @CedricFlys
Hangar 21 737 San Jose @Bay_Area_Aviation
Hangar 22 CRJ-700
West Apron
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 C172 Kelso
2 C172 Aberdeen
3 C172 La Grande
4 C172 Grant County
5 C172 Tri - Cities
6 C172 Yakima
7 C172 Olympia
8 C172 Bend
9 C172 Klamath Falls
10 C172 Paisley ( 22S )
11 C172 Sun River ( S21 )
12 C172 Madras ( S33 )
13 C172 Burns
14 C172 Pacific City
15 C172 Myrtle Creek ( 16S )
16 C172 Corvallis
17 C172 Cascade Locks
18 Xcub Pearson Airfield
19 C172 Brookins
Transient Apron
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
9 C172 Hermiston
10 C172 Astoria
11 Xcub Stark twin oaks ( 7S3 )
12 Xcub Portland
13 C172 Salem
14 C172 Seaside ( 56S )
15 C172 Eugene
16 C172 Albany ( S12 )
17 C172 Florence ( 6S2 )
18 Xcub Aurora
19 Xcub Mcminnville
20 C172 The Dalles
21 C172 Cottage Grove ( 61S )
22 C172 Grants Pass ( 3S8 )
23 C172 Newport
25 C172 Nehalem Bay ( 3S7 )
26 C172 Ashland ( S03 )
27 Xcub Portland Troutdale
28 Xcub Scappoose
29 C172 Tillamook
30 C172 Roseburg

Ground Tower ATIS

  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC at all times

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly


Special thanks to @MANDELA for the banners!


Come join my neighboring city!

I’ll take a A318 ACJ to KSEA!

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Not sure what you mean?

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sorry, not here, I was planning to head to KSEA

I will take this!

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@DJW your signed up

@RJPlayZ ill get you down

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I’ll take this but to Fort Collins

@Cole_Woodard Roger that

Keep filling up Hillsboro!

Can I have cl35 to phnl please

Great choice

Event bump

Keep filling up Hillsboro!

Event bump

Keep filling up this amazing GA airport

Come visit my home city

I will take this please

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Can I have Hanger 53?