The pollen is to much for me| Spotting at KPHX

These are my photos
I went spotting at KPHX today. Here are the pics

A southwest coming from St Louis

American eagle coming from Tucson

Another American Eagle coming from Yuma

Banana Plane coming from Minneapolis
here’s where I went to terminal 4 because the pollen…

Another Banana Plane from St. Louis

Last but not least, a grounds crew worker saying hi to the pilot
Thank you
Rick Astley
Sorry that it’s short


Nice pics bro :)

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Thank you!!

Out of curiosity, what camera did you use?

I’m going to Phoenix soon to tour unis. Where did you spot from?

My phone cause I’m to poor for a camera :(

In the parking lot of a place called “arrow electronics” if I were you I wouldn’t stay to long because there might be security there.

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